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As a convert to Christ from a secular background, denominational attachments have always been a secondary issue to me. However, even in my non-denominational days, I always had a positive impression of the Evangelical Free Church. I appreciated that they seemed to keep the core of my faith at the core and didn't seem to make majors out of minors. Now, having been a pastor in the Free Church for several years, I am pleased that my initial assessment of the movement still stands. The EFCC seeks to make much of Christ, and let itself be defined by its commitment to the gospel rather than secondary issues. Perhaps the EFCC should bill itself as a denomination for the non-denominationally minded!
Dan, an EFCC Pastor

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Communication and Leadership — Feedback

Brad Jarvis is the EFCC’s Communication Catalyst. In previous posts in this Communication and Leadership series, he’s shared some of the choices we make as senders (including message and medium). He’s also shared some of the choices we make as receivers. This
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Around the World (EFCCM)

”What Do You Need Most?”

An update from MEMO Ministry’s work in El Salvador. “Jerome, this is the most important meeting you have had this trip!” Eduardo was referring to the brief tour given by an elderly, spritely town counsellor who showed Jerome the conditions of La Presa. La Presa is a village
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World of Hope