Faces of the EFCC

KOL20319What drew me to the Free Church was a group of authentic Christian young people in High School who were brave enough to invite a card carrying pagan to come and see. What kept me in the Free Church is our strong gospel biblical preaching which keeps its focus on the essentials of the faith.
Tim, Prairie District Superintendent

Across Canada

Canadian Anti-Spam Law (CASL)

We have been working hard to try to figure out how this pertains to us as an organisation, and by extension, each of our churches. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that, well, we don’t know for sure. There are lots of organisations that are interpreting this in lots of
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Around the World (EFCCM)

Home of Joy Building Project

This update comes from Larry and Diane who serve in Thailand (Asia). This project will be featured in this year’s World of Hope. We have now purchased some land near our present ‘Home of Joy’ home, so that we will be able to have bigger facilities for more youth, as well as to
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