Faces of the EFCC

CPDSThe great draw of the Free Church is the deliberate focus on believers only, but all believers. The commitment to not break fellowship over non-essentials is extremely important to me. "If you want a better DS, pray for the one you have!"
Martin, Canadian Pacific District Superintendent

Across Canada

Communication and Leadership — The Medium

In this instalment of my Communication and Leadership series, we get to talk about medium, or media (plural). These days, people who receive a call may respond with a text, pick up the conversation on Twitter, broaden it on Facebook and wind up posting a confused selfie on
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Around the World (EFCCM)

World of Hope Sneak Peek

I’m really excited about this year’s World of Hope design. It’s a highly collaborative experience. The inked artwork is done by Robin, one of the newest members of Home Office. The photograph is taken by Graeme, serving the EFCCM with his family in Thailand.
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