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CPDSThe great draw of the Free Church is the deliberate focus on believers only, but all believers. The commitment to not break fellowship over non-essentials is extremely important to me. "If you want a better DS, pray for the one you have!"
Martin, Canadian Pacific District Superintendent

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Prayer Calendar: Cracking the Prayer Ceiling

True confession time: haven’t you sometimes wondered if prayer isn’t a waste of time? Blame it on one of those “dark night of the soul” moments or on the harried pressure of your tension-filled life if you must assign blame, but haven’t you at some time had to deal with that
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Around the World (EFCCM)

Intervention in Nepal

The level of disruption the earthquake in Nepal has caused is both horrible and sad. Our partner humanitarian organisation, World Relief Canada, has already begun mobilising to intervene with emergency relief operations and supplies. Click Here to Donate! We invite you to direct
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World of Hope