Faces of the EFCC

APDSI grew up in the EFCC but pastored for many years in another denomination.  The homing instinct for me was the EFCC commitment to God’s Word as central to our faith and practice and the gracious and irenic (peaceable) spirit that permeated it as a result of its commitment to major on essentials of the faith and not be derailed by minor points of doctrine. I truly felt I had come home theologically.
Don, Alberta Parkland District Superintendent

Across Canada

Communication and Leadership — The Receiver

This is where the bad news starts. See, up until this point, this Communication and Leadership series has examined the influence and choices of those who initiate communication. Beyond choosing the content, medium and intended target for your messages however, you have very
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Around the World (EFCCM)

”What Do You Need Most?”

An update from MEMO Ministry’s work in El Salvador. “Jerome, this is the most important meeting you have had this trip!” Eduardo was referring to the brief tour given by an elderly, spritely town counsellor who showed Jerome the conditions of La Presa. La Presa is a village
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World of Hope