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I was first drawn to the EFCC because of my personal connection to a District Superintendent. I remain with the EFCC/M because of the EFCC Statement of Faith and our inclusive ethos.
Wade, EFCCM Personnel Director

Across Canada

Prayer Sweat

Dave is the EFCC’s Prayer and Spiritual Life Catalyst. This post is an introduction to this month’s Prayer Calendar (More about that here.) ————— For those of us who are teachers and preachers there is nothing more uncomfortable than having to urge others to embrace
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Around the World (EFCCM)

World of Hope Official Launch!

World of Hope is on its way to eager missions supporters across Canada! Thousands of people get to see our experiments of ink drops in water as a visual expression of hope in the world. Last year’s World of Hope raised $142,000 — the most we’ve seen yet.
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