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Pulse Podcast: Delegating Authority

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The Pulse: The Necessary Ingredient


Much has been written and said about leading people. But there is one common thread — one consistent and non-negotiable element. Trust. For Christians, this takes on a new dimension — the way we trust people is intertwined with the way we trust God. In his book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge noted that: To […]

Pulse Podcast 010: Delegating Authority

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You probably don’t know this, but Dan, our Leadership Catalyst, was the primary encourager behind the launch of the Pulse podcast. Without his energy and eagerness, we may not have had the momentum to turn the dream into a plan, or turn the plan into reality. And now, here we are: Episode 10! And we’re […]

The Pulse: What Fills Your Heart?

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This past week I ran across the phrase, “What fills your heart will lead your life”. The principle stated here is not new or revolutionary by any stretch, but it is worth thinking about. The implications for followers of Jesus are staggering. As part of our EFCC theme, Revitalize: Becoming a Gospel Sharing People, I […]

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