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The Pulse: Digging Out Our Ears

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A few years ago, my wife suggested I got my hearing tested. I suspect she thought I had attended too many rock concerts in years gone by. She might be right. My hearing test demonstrated that I am “unbalanced”. For those of you who know me fairly well, you are probably thinking, “we knew that […]

Overarching Strategy: Growing 3

The Growing 3 The Evangelical Free Church of Canada began as a gospel movement of pioneering believers and churches 100 years ago. As we move forward in a new century, we are praying that God will grow us in three areas: we call this our “Growing 3”. Growing Family The EFCC is an “association of […]

The Pulse: The Necessary Ingredient


Much has been written and said about leading people. But there is one common thread — one consistent and non-negotiable element. Trust. For Christians, this takes on a new dimension — the way we trust people is intertwined with the way we trust God. In his book The Fifth Discipline, Peter Senge noted that: To […]

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