Faces of the EFCC

ExDirWhat first drew me to the EFCC is the grace-centred approach to the Word and ministry: we focus on gospel essentials that unite us, not theological minutia that divide us. We are known more for what we are for than what we are against! What keeps me here is the vitality I see building as we focus on Jesus and collaborate around Gospel ministry – all of this results in new believers and new church plants in Canada and around the world!
Bill, Executive Director

Across Canada

Introducing ‘Equip for Harvest’ – East!

E4H stands for Equip for Harvest. Equip for Harvest is designed as a learning experience for church planters, seminary students and potential church planting team members. But, our experience over the last 5 years has taught us that E4H training can also be very beneficial for
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Around the World (EFCCM)

Home of Joy Building Project

This update comes from Larry and Diane who serve in Thailand (Asia). This project will be featured in this year’s World of Hope. We have now purchased some land near our present ‘Home of Joy’ home, so that we will be able to have bigger facilities for more youth, as well as to
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