Becoming a church planter in the Evangelical Free Church of Canada (EFCC) involves 5 steps:

Step Number 1: Initial Contact

Make an initial contact via e-mail, letter, phone call or in-person contact with Home Office, your District Superintendent, or the Church Planting Catalyst. In that contact, state your desire to become a church planter in the EFCC, some initial personal background, family and ministry information and where or with whom you would like to plant a church.

Step Number 2: Informal Assessment

Complete the online informal assessment and send your results with a resume and cover letter to your District Superintendent. If you have not determined a preferred District location for your church planting ministry, send your information to the EFCC Church Planting Catalyst, Dr. Charlie Worley.

Step Number 3: Interview with Church Planting Leadership

If you remain interested in becoming a church planter and are convinced that you have the qualifications and characteristics needed in a planter, contact the District Church Planting Leader, District Superintendent or EFCC Church Planting Catalyst to arrange for a phone/Skype or in-person interview. This interview may also involve other district personnel or leaders.

Step Number 4: Church Planting Application

If the District or Home Office approves you for the next step, you and your spouse (if applicable) will be asked to complete a thorough Church Planting Application to be submitted to the EFCC Office. Copies may be given to appropriate district church-planting leaders or District Superintendents. A determination will then be made to proceed to the next step in the assessment process.

Step Number 5: Formal Church Planting Assessment

If approved, you will then be asked to complete a formal church planter assessment process. In most instances you will probably be asked to go through a 3-5 hour behavioural interview Church-Planter Assessment. This interview will be done by a small team of trained assessors who will collaborate on your assessment results. You will be given your assessment results in writing in a personal interview within a couple of weeks. Or, you may be chosen to attend a 3 or 4 day Church-Planter Assessment Centre where the results are presented on site. In either situation, both you and your wife must go through the formal assessment together.

And Then?

If you are recommended as a church planter after this 5-step process, you will begin working with your district Church Planting Leader or District Superintendent who will make every effort to assign you a coach and provide you with training through a Church Planting Bootcamp or other means. It is our desire that no planter be left alone.