is the home site for Acts29 Network, an association of church plants and church planting churches that are evangelical, missional, reformed and complementarian.
is a resource and article page for church leaders containing some excellent tools for church leaders at a small cost and comes from
is the web site for planters in need of a complete portable system including include equipment, storage cases and trailers for use in worship only rental facilities.
offers complete portable system packages include trailers, heavy duty carts, exceptional professional audio systems, video, lighting, staging, hospitality and youth ministry supplies for use in worship only rental facilities.
is the web site for Church Planting Canada and its ministries, conferences and training opportunities.
is resource site devoted to the rapid multiplication of indigenous churches planting churches.
is a portal into Southern Baptist church planting sites and resources.
contains a treasure trove of church planting resource links from the Church Planting Village.
is an on-line community of church planters and church leaders that contains valuable resources and links for those starting new churches.
is an up-to-date web resource for church plants and churches using the internet.
is the site of Church Multiplication Associates, and association of churches committed to building and resourcing culturally relevant church plants and networking them together in a dynamic movement of kingdom expansion.
provides information from the Church Multiplication Training Center on a Church Planting Bootcamp and other training opportunities and consulting services.
is the web site for Coach and Equip Ministry developed by Dr. Charlie Worley.
is Bob Logan’s one stop for everything subscription-based resource site for church planting and church health.
is the site for DAWN (Discipling a Whole Nation International), an organization committed to saturation church planting around the world.
is the web site of Dynamic Church Planting International, providing resources and training opportunities.
is the church planting site for the Evangelical Free Church of America, but it contains some excellent resources for any church planter, especially a pre-interview assessment page.
contains rich resources for those planting ethnic or multicultural churches.
is the web site for the largest annual church planting conference in the world held every April in Orlando, Florida.
is a web-based community that has as its mission “to attract, inspire and equip Kingdom-minded leaders to engage their time, talent and treasure in a movement of high-impact, reproducing faith communities.”
is recognized as a tackle box for fishing for the lost on the internet.
is a community of on-line ministry links.
is the web site for Church Resource Ministries, an organization rich in church planting resources and services.
a portal that takes you to some of the great church planting network sites.
offers an extensive list of links to church planting resources.
is a page from the Missionary Resource Center web site that lists resources for support team building.
is the web site of the Southern Baptist Convention’s home missions agency, the North American Mission Board.
provides resources and tools for mobilizing believers in the church according to their spiritual gifts and passion.
parallels the book, Planting Missional Churches, and contains an extensive base of church planting resources, tool and links compiled by Ed Stetzer, church planting leader and missiologist from Lifeway Christian Resources.
provides an excellent walk-through guide for developing your new church proposal and philosophy of ministry.
supplies church planting and church growth information and resources for Canada.
is a website featuring g resources for ministry support building for those church planters who need to raise their own support or ministry expenses.
provides tools and resources for connecting people to ministry in the local church.
provides resource information for church planters including ideas and practical, tested information.
is a page developed by Tim Keller of Redeemer Presbyterian Church in New York City that has his church planting manual in English and Spanish available for download.
as he name implies, is a web site promoting the networking and resourcing of church plants and planters in the Seattle area.
provides a site where you may purchase (download) reasonably priced resources that guide you through the legal issues of a church plant.
offers information and resources for those who raise their own support or raise funds for church planting.

Links for Bible Study, Preaching and Teaching Resources
is a portal for the Bible student and pastor that contains not only commentaries and Bible study aids but over 100 Bible translations and versions in a variety of languages.
has a good-size list of links to Bible study aids.
is a multidimensional Bible study tool that provides a wealth of Bible knowledge at your fingertips.
provides a wealth of Bible study tools and resources.
is Rick Warren’s site containing tools and resources for pastors and planters.
offers sermon resources including illustrations.
offers helpful tools for sermon preparation and illustration searches.
is an extensive source for exegesis, sermon preparation and Bible study including classic sermons, doctrine and word study resources emphasizing evangelical and pre-millennial theology.
is an extensive resource base for sermons, illustration, power points, videos and an on-line Bible.
is a resource site for homiletics.
offers visual and video resources for use in church plants.

Links for Church Management Tools and Resources
provides a web-based church management tool.
is the site of Church Planting Solutions which provides project management software and other tools for the church planter.
provides an excellent church management system for a church plant.

Links for Worship, Power Point, Audio and Visual Resources and Tools
is a resource site for everything video.
offers a variety of church and worship related Power Point and media graphics and templates at reasonable prices.
offers a large number of free pictures for use with Power Point presentations and church publications.
is the Google image site where you can do almost endless searches for pictures and graphics.
offers a free, open-source software application created to manage lyrics, chords, lead sheets, overheads, computer projection, and more.
contains lots of great pictures for use with Power Points, web sites, newsletters, etc.
is the popular site for uploading videos.

Links for Demographic Information, Marketing and Outreach Resources
offers free e-cards to send on birthdays, anniversaries, etc.
offers free Christian-themed e-cards.
offers creative church marketing tools and ideas including ones that introduce your new church to the community or neighbourhood.
makes available resources and project management services for communication, vision-casting, core group development and community outreach.
offers outreach resources with special introductory prices for church planters.
offers another web-based management tool that church planters can use.
offers free e-cards suitable for pastors and churches.
offers a web-based church management system.
provides banners, displays, cards, etc. for churches at low cost.
offers a free service for churches under 500 people to develop and send out newsletters in a mass e-mail format to church members.
provides demographic information developed by the North American Mission Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.
is a Church of the Nazarene site that provides access to community demographics across the U.S. (Also check for denominational groupings and churches in a demographic area such as counties and TV audiences.)
is a site that contains a large variety of low cost outreach tools.
is the site of Outreach Marketing which provides a number of outreach and communication tools that have been effective in church planting.
gets you the home page for Percept Ministries who offers excellent demographic tools for understanding your backyard harvest field.
is recognized as a leading source for religious data on the internet.
is a site that provides resources for marketing your church plant.
is the site of the Canadian Church Planting Annual Congress; follow their blog at

Free Web Site Development and Design Tools
is where the American Bible Society offers free website development and nationwide church listings.

Low Budget Church-suitable Links for Non-technical Web Site Hosting and Building

Blog Site Development Resources

Social Networking Sites

Well, that’s quite the smorgasbord! As with any extensive list of links, it’s quite likely that you will find some that have ‘gone dark’ — if you find resources no longer exist, please inform the webmaster. Thanks!