Ministry Areas

The EFCCM strives to creatively make use of tools such as the radio and internet, large scale events, or simply creating a space and an opportunity where private conversations can begin to communicate the simple message of God’s love in Jesus Christ and to encourage people to take a step of faith to receive Christ as their personal saviour. We recognize that helping a person to come to embrace faith in Christ often takes multiple exposures to the message of the gospel either in word or deed, so we invest in a variety of methodologies to bring people into a sphere of influence where they can be touched by the message of the gospel. These would include radio, English language training coupled with the use of scripture, coffee house ministry, and other compassion type ministries that bring people into contact with individual Christians, the church, and the message of salvation.

Church Planting
Churches are born out of a desire for relationship, both with God and with other people. That desire is universal, but the quest is as different as each individual. We work to ensure that every church we plant is healthy, growing, and has a heart for multiplication. Wherever our missionaries live and work we hold them to our central purpose of serving in the birth and growth of the local church.

Leadership Development
Strong congregations need strong leaders. One of the primary goals of EFCCM missionaries is to provide training and assistance to ensure that leaders are as mature and Scripture-rooted as they can be. Training can be formal or informal, and includes both theory and practical instruction. An important element of our ministry goals is to ensure that indigenous leadership be raised up to fill the roles needed in local churches. It is in this way that our efforts lead to sustainable ministry.

Poverty often stands as a barrier to the reception of the gospel and the establishment of the local church. The realities of poverty are inadequate health care, sustainable ways for people to make a living, insufficient money for basic necessities like food, clean drinking water, clothing and shelter. Our Compassion ministries are not a different approach or a parallel ministry to our church planting and evangelism strategies, they are key components through which the gospel is brought into the lives of individuals and communities.

In the EFCCM we are convinced that investing in the lives of children has the greatest potential for the long term strengthening of the Church, and for multiplying our efforts. This has lead us to invest in the lives of children in orphanages, street ministries, evangelistic outreaches and development programs specifically geared toward the younger generations.