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Prayer Calendar: Strengthening Prayer

“Strengthening prayer” is not about making your prayers stronger but becoming stronger through prayer. First, though, allow me to challenge you to do something you might not have done for a long time, memorize some scripture. Try it with these verses, Psalm 84: 5-7: “Blessed are those whose strength is in you, whose hearts are […]

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The Pulse: Digging Out Our Ears

A few years ago, my wife suggested I get my hearing tested. I suspect she thought I had attended too many rock concerts in years gone by. She might be right. My hearing test demonstrated that I am “unbalanced”. For those of you who know me fairly well, you are probably thinking, “we knew that […]

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Pulse Podcast 011: World of Hope 2017-2018

Christmas decorations are sharing shelf space with Halloween candy — it must be time to launch another World of Hope! The video below is an invitation and description of what World of Hope is, and what we hope it will accomplish for the EFCCM and its projects. We also offer a shorter preview version that […]

Overarching Strategy: Growing 3

The Growing 3 The Evangelical Free Church of Canada began as a gospel movement of pioneering believers and churches 100 years ago. As we move forward in a new century, we are praying that God will grow us in three areas: we call this our “Growing 3”. Growing Family The EFCC is an “association of […]

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Prayer Calendar: The Long and the Short of Prayer

If you are looking for a prayer mentor, allow me to suggest Nehemiah as a candidate. I know he’s known for the rebuilding of Jerusalem and its walls, but if you overlook his prayer life, you’ll miss the secret of his success. He just didn’t know about prayer, he prayed. I am not technologically savvy, […]