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The Pulse: What Fills Your Heart?

This past week I ran across the phrase, “What fills your heart will lead your life”. The principle stated here is not new or revolutionary by any stretch, but it is worth thinking about. The implications for followers of Jesus are staggering. As part of our EFCC theme, Revitalize: Becoming a Gospel Sharing People, I […]


Enchant’s 100th Birthday!

(Photo by Cory Skretting, used with permission.) 100 Years of the EFCC Well, as I write this, Canada is getting ready to celebrate its 150th birthday. We will highlight all the things that make Canada unique and a great place to live. We may even think back over our history and reflect on how that […]

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Pulse Podcast 009: Canada Day Edition

150 Years! Is it a birthday? Is it an anniversary? Whatever it is, we’re having a hard time remembering back that far for some reason. It’s a good time to celebrate Canada, and share some of the things we appreciate about our country. The audio version of this podcast is embedded below.

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Prayer Calendar: Team Prayer

Dave Acree is our Prayer and Spiritual Life Catalyst. This is a welcome to the monthly Prayer Calendar which we publish to promote prayer throughout the EFCC family. If you would like to receive the Prayer Calendar by e-mail, you can sign up for it on this page, or you can see the latest copy here. […]