Pulse Podcast 003: Unpacking Our Motto

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In this episode we dig a little deeper than normal. One of the requests that led us into podcasting is to help our people get a better grip on some Evangelical Free Church core beliefs. This request has come from churches and our District Superintendents.

In this episode, we unpack our motto:
In essentials, unity. In non-essentials, charity. In all things, Jesus Christ.

This informs our ethos, which strongly influences how we choose to live out our faith as a community.

If you want to take a look at our Statement of Faith which contains the 10 articles we reference in this video, click here.

Take a look and let us know what you think.



Pulse Podcast 002: Why a Podcast Anyway?

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This is episode 2. We’re still calling it a “somewhat regular production” though. Changing that tagline after two episodes just sounds like hubris!

In this Pulse podcast we’re talking about the Pulse podcast. This vehicle of publication is all new to us, but I think you can tell by the picture above, we’re having fun with it. We really hope we’re not the only ones…

We earnestly want the Pulse to be a conversation starter. You can interact with it on Facebook, Twitter or by e-mail (thepulse@efcc.ca). We want to hear your thoughts and suggestions.

The Pulse Returns to Video!

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Some of you may remember our PulseTV experiment from a while back. I think this is a better, more viable format.

After so much planning, dreaming, trying and trying again, we have a real beginning! Welcome to the Pulse Podcast, Episode 001!

If you would like to comment on this, or ask questions, the easiest way is to probably to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. And finally, if you’d prefer to listen than watch, you can find our audio-only version at SoundCloud.

Thanks for tuning in. We’re excited for the next one, which will be upon us very soon. (We’re aiming for every-second-week, but with all the travel that Home Office people do we’re calling this “somewhat regular”.)

The Pulse — The Final Chapter

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Here is the final chapter of this model of the Pulse. Don’t waste too much time mourning, though: the new Pulse is going live very soon!

(You can see more about the new Pulse by clicking here, and you can subscribe by clicking here.)

In this edition, we examine the last article in our Statement of Faith, we introduce our church-planting network (#EFCCcpn), and we pay tribute to the legacy of faith in the lives of Chuck Nichols and Ken Lawrence.

To read the Pulse click here:

Pulse — The Final Chapter

And don’t forget to share this with anyone you think would be interested! :-)

Fall 2013 Pulse in Chinese


pulse132chThis is the latest version of the EFCC’s Pulse that has been translated into Chinese for us.

Click here to see the Pulse in Chinese!

This one is from last fall (2013).

If you are capable and willing to translate our upcoming mailing list into Chinese for us, please drop us a line!