PulseTV — Special Conference Edition

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In this edition of PulseTV, Bill and Rich take a moment to share some of our hopes for this year’s Conference. In it we answer questions like:

  • Who is Conference for?
  • What does Viral Leaders really mean?
  • Why are we so excited about Larry Osborne being the plenary speaker?
  • When is Conference?
  • Where is it?

Registration costs $175 per Conference attendee, and there are a few optional extras. You can find out everything you need by clicking here — that link will also lead you to the Conference registration page.

Oh, and if you haven’t seen the teaser video for EFCC Conference 2012 (below), you really should! We had a lot of fun making this one!

PulseTV — Intro to Leadership Development Catalyst

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We are privileged to introduce Dave as the Leadership Development Catalyst for the EFCC. He will be working with pastors, leaders and church boards to promote growth and health of relationships.

He brings a lot of ministry leadership experience to the role, and has already been assisting churches and pastors in vision-casting, and addressing leadership concerns.

Drop us a line if you would like to get involved in your church.

If you believe in the work that he’s doing, and would like to financially support him, you can use our donation page and simply include this code: 1-4260

PulseTV — Update from Ukraine

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The latest episode of PulseTV. Curtis was drawn to working in Ukrainian orphanages the first moment he experienced it. This short clip shares some of the need and some of the opportunities in Ukraine. He serves with his brother and and sister-in-law, Adam and Luba.

If you would like to support Curtis directly, you can use our donation page, and input the code 2-2874 — to directly support their work with orphanages, input code 2-2879.

PulseTV — Update from Zimbabwe

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I was pleased to film this Q&A between Petros and Susan. (Fun fact: Susan wrote the info, and the questions! :-)   )

Please share this with your family, friends and church. Zimbabwe needs our prayers and our help in tangible ways. Some of these have been outline in the EFCCM’s World of Hope campaign. You can find more details about that by clicking here.

Additionally, Susan provided this video piece which features a song written and donated to Zimbabwe Gecko Society by local, BC artist Sanna Lavallee:

PulseTV — EFCCM Latin America Area Director

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In this the 12th episode of PulseTV, we are privileged to host Steve as our guest. Steve is Area Director for Latin America, and shares briefly about our Compassion Ministry efforts in the region, and around the world.

It reminds us of the breadth of passion and experience that our missionaries bring into their work. We are so grateful for all who have followed God’s call on their lives, and who serve through the EFCCM.

Due to lack of interest, and the amount of extra time it takes, we are not by default posting the downloadable versions of this video clip here. If you need them posted here, then comment below and we will reconsider.