Ukrainian Team

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Here is the fourth and final clip from the Experience Ukraine DVD project. This gives a brief snapshot of just a few of the Ukrainian people we’ve partnered with there.

Please pray for the continued growth of these special leaders with the Ukrainian church. Many of these stories are of young, first-generation Christians. They quickly find themselves in roles that require God’s wisdom and direction daily. They have a challenge, and an opportunity. When you realise that most of these stories intrinsically tied to DBI, its role for leadership development becomes even more significant in Ukraine.

Mobilization Ukraine

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Here is the next installment of the Experience Ukraine project. This was put together with Craig here at Home Office, interspersed with footage taken in Ukraine.

A DVD of this video will be sent to each EFCC congregation in Canada. Look for it very soon!

Second Ukraine Video Clip

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This is the second of a total of four video clips I will be posting that showcase EFCCM participation in Ukraine. This shows some of our team members there, including Al and Suzie, who are now pastoring in San Diego.

I will be compiling all of these into a DVD soon which will then be sent to all EFCC congregations.