The Pulse Returns to Video!

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Some of you may remember our PulseTV experiment from a while back. I think this is a better, more viable format.

After so much planning, dreaming, trying and trying again, we have a real beginning! Welcome to the Pulse Podcast, Episode 001!

If you would like to comment on this, or ask questions, the easiest way is to probably to connect with us on Facebook or Twitter. And finally, if you’d prefer to listen than watch, you can find our audio-only version at SoundCloud.

Thanks for tuning in. We’re excited for the next one, which will be upon us very soon. (We’re aiming for every-second-week, but with all the travel that Home Office people do we’re calling this “somewhat regular”.)

Video: Is There ‘One True Path’ to Board Structure?

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We recently created a video that may be the beginning of a series on the FAQs (frequently asked questions) about the EFCC. A particularly pressing question brought up by one EFCC congregation is the matter of board structure or governance.

Is there one biblical or at least EFCC-endorsed model of church board? Take a look at Bill’s answer, and feel free to share your thoughts below.

We’d be happy for you to share this with anyone who would find it helpful!

Also, if you have suggestions for video topics you’d like to see created in this series, submit a comment below or send us an e-mail.

World of Hope Video Clips

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Here are three clips revealing projects highlighted in this year’s World of Hope. We invite you to share these with your church, small group, family even your favourite goldfish!

You can download these by clicking on “Vimeo” in the clip, and looking for the download link below the vimeo clip on the website. (Contact us if you need help with that.)

Also the digital file of these clips are being mailed to each church on a DVD. The booklets will be on their way to you soon!

World of Hope has had a significant impact over the last number of years, and we’re expecting big things again this year!

Join Us for Theological Summit 2013!

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You are invited to join us for the EFCC’s 2nd Theological Summit!

This year, we will be tackling this important topic:

Men and Women in Ministry

Understanding the Complementarian and Egalitarian Perspectives

All the details are available in our brochure, which you can download here:
Theological Summit 2013 brochure (~250KB)

Pre-Summit Session: May 13th, 2013
Theological Summit: May 14th-15th, 2013

Okotoks EFC
28 Westland
Okotoks AB
T1S 1T2

Keynote Speakers:
Dr. Robert Yarbrough
Dr. Philip Payne

$100 (Pre-Summit Session is $10 extra)

Added incentive:
Register 5 people, and add a 6th person at no additional cost!
(To ensure that you receive this special price, you will need to register by contacting Home Office in person, rather than using the web registration below.)

Click here to register for Theological Summit 2013


Planting the Seed in Nicaragua

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We love to present stories from the actual work being accomplished through the EFCCM’s World of Hope. This update is from Wally and Esther in Nicaragua. They are providing practical assistance in the area of agriculture, and one of their recent improvements is a seeder. The following is in their words:

“A good example of how this ministry continually gets blessed by others: A few weeks ago we had a father son team here from Lethbridge. Among other things, they helped design and put together a seeder that can be used behind a quad, oxen or horse, already it has been hugely beneficial for this planting season. This is an example of how we would like to see this ministry grow in helping the small farmer, a definite improvement from seeding their acres BY HAND.”

“The new seeder gets it’s first trial run, planting Andres’ bean crop, working great!

“At last we’ve been able to find improved, certified bean and corn seed and thanks to the donations from the seed program, we’ve been able to make these available to small farmers.”

Please join us in praying for Wally and Esther, that God would bless their work, and that he would continue to use them to sow the seed of Jesus’ life and truth in people’s hearts.

If you would like to specifically support this project, you can do so on our donation page — please list project code 2-2885AX.