EFCC Sunday 2016

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EFCC Sunday is an invitation to your congregation consider the broader family you are a part of. This year, we’re featuring LeadBeyond.

We have provided an EFCC Sunday video to give a brief summary of what LeadBeyond is all about.

EFCC Sunday Video

You can view or download the video from Vimeo — just click through on the Vimeo link in the player above, and look for the download button under the video.

EFCC Sunday Half-page Description!

This is the way to get the EFCC Sunday information out to your people. You can either print these out, or distribute them by e-mail.

3 Giving Options!

There is a fundraising component to this. We need help specifically to raise money to provide the resources and materials

Option 1:
Your church can collect the money, and submit one combined cheque.

Option 2:
Your church can have a collection and send in all of the individual donations. (Cheques can be made out to “EFCC”.)

Option 3:
You can direct people to give on their own. (You can tell them to visit give.efccm.ca/EFCCSunday.)