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Pulse Podcast: Tearfund (formerly World Relief)

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Pulse Podcast 020: The Supreme Court’s Ruling on TWU’s Law School

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We’re not really a current events podcast, but we thought this was of sufficient importance and interest to engage with it. The Supreme Court’s decision on TWU’s Law School has implications for the church and for religious education institutions in Canada. We’re just not sure what they are specifically. If you’d like to reach out […]

Prayer Calendar: Surprised by Prayer

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I have always been part of a church. Literally. I will sometimes tongue-in-cheek suggest that my mother probably left the delivery room of the hospital and went straight to a prayer meeting at  church with me in tow. I have never known life apart from church. That means that prayer has always been part of […]

The Pulse: We Are All Storytellers

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We are – by nature – story tellers. We sit around kitchen tables, coffee shops, and local parks, and we tell stories. We tell stories of our lives, of our children, of our hurts, joys, and losses. We listen to others tell their stories. And each story leads to another. We catch glimpses of one […]

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