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Prayer Calendar: Warrior Kings Need Humble Bread

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Warrior Kings Need Humble Bread As we continue our journey through the “Lord’s Prayer,” we get to the phrase, “give us this day our daily bread.” It’s a simple request. Straightforward. A petition to God for daily sustenance. There is no greed here, only dependence. No desire for a banquet, only bread enough for the […]

Prayer Calendar: Long Live the King

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Scar menacingly growls out “Long Live the King!” as he hurls Mufasa to his death. This scene from the old movie, Lion King, uses half of a historic phrase. The full line is “The King is Dead, Long Live the King.” This contradictory sounding statement marked the death of one monarch and the ascension of […]

Prayer Calendar: The Name Game

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  Recently in Alabama, President Trump scrawled giant autographs across the covers of Bibles. Shocking? Hardly! Sad? Yes! However, whatever sadness I feel does not come from the actions of the President, as much as it comes from the possibility of God’s people putting their adoration and maybe even their trust in a name other […]

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