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Forming Forgiving Conversations

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True conversation is a give and take. It is an act of hospitality. We suspend our own agenda and invite someone else’s in. Conversation also changes us. It re-forms us as we honestly engage with the ideas and feelings of others. We may not agree with everything we hear, but it helps us think through […]

Prayer Calendar: Warrior Kings Need Humble Bread

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Warrior Kings Need Humble Bread As we continue our journey through the “Lord’s Prayer,” we get to the phrase, “give us this day our daily bread.” It’s a simple request. Straightforward. A petition to God for daily sustenance. There is no greed here, only dependence. No desire for a banquet, only bread enough for the […]

Prayer Calendar: Bombs Away

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As I write this, a street in my neighbourhood is closed. The bomb squad is investigating. A university in the area also has all five campuses shut because of a bomb scare. You probably think I should move. Bombs are destructive. They do incredible damage. What if that was not always the case? Imagine a […]

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