Fostering Community

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My primary intention with this blog is to extend community, to give you a better understanding of what our goals are, and how we’re going about achieving them. To that end I want to pass along a link to the website of on EFCCM couple. We are very pleased to have Jake and Mark serving with us in Latin America.

They’ve been keeping up a blog, and have regularly added updates and pictures. Check it out by clicking here. Take a look at the story of the construction of the new church building they’re working on with a visiting team. I’ve been enjoying watching it rise up, almost right before my eyes!

I invite you to take a look at what they’re up to, and if you do, be sure to drop them a line to say “Hi!”.

Khmu New Life Centre

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Larry in Thailand is working on a developing ministry facilities for the Khmu people. He has been working with some isolated rural villages near the border of Laos. Several people there have made decisions to follow Christ, and we are ready to support them by helping to provide them with a ministry centre — they have never had a church before!

Located on the crossroads between six local villages, the site is convenient for all, and we are hoping for this project to be a integral part of the growing ministry there. The necessary land has already been purchased and is available for building.

The vision of the centre is a place for regular weekly church meetings, as well as a place where focused camps can be conducted. Plans include two buildings. A meeting hall will be used for worship, teaching, retreats, camps, and community functions. It will have two washrooms connected to it. The other building will be a resthouse that will include two bedrooms, a kitchen and two washrooms.

Completion of this centre will cost about $13,400. That’s a pretty small cost to achieve all this! We will also need help with the construction effort. If this sounds like something you’d like to help with, please contact us and we will provide you with all the details you need to get involved!

Earnest Quest to Develop Some Interaction

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I have a question that I hope will generate some comments:

What is the most confusing thing about the EFCCM?

I’m striving to keep the EFCCM looking simple and clean, and to make sure that all the ideas we present follow that directive. So, tell me where it’s not working for you. If you got questions, I wanna know! :-)

New Members of the EFCCM Family! (Udpated w/ Pics!)


We are pleased to announce that two new families have joined us here at the EFCCM!

Doon and Kelly are headed to Haiti. Doon is in agriculture, in the field of crop production and soil management. He will be taking his skillset to a Christian university in the country, and teaching others improved farming techniques. They also envision getting involved in children’s ministry there, as one of the many opportunities available to them. They have four children; the three youngest are Haitian by birth adopted by Doon and Kelly.

Eddie and Bonita are planning to serve in Rwanda, living in its capital city, Kigali. They desire to serve in leadership development, working specifically in reconciliation in Rwanda. They also seek to equip women in business and economics. Eddie is Rwandan by birth, and is now a Canadian citizen. They have four children.

Pray for their plans and preparation as they make steps to serve overseas. Pray also that God would continue to affirm His call on their lives.

Just Sermons?


Relevance is Christianity’s new buzzword. I think the concerted focus is timely and important…and potentially dangerous! In an effort to make our faith look attractive to our larger culture, we are in dire danger of diluting it — of making hard truths softer so that they are more easily digestible. And yet at the same time, with all this talk of cultural relevance, most often we are limiting ourselves to structures and concepts that are highly church-centric. That totally defeats the purpose! This is an important reason why I love the EFCCM — we embrace these tensions, and are actively exploring ways to deal with both simultaneously, while trying to act in accordance with the variety of cultures we participate in.

According to Jesus, life’s greatest objective is to love God. The second greatest is to love people. We are exploring new ways to achieve both. Whether in community development among underprivileged people groups, or providing education in Christian leadership to the spiritually curious, we are each striving to be the hand of God extended. This needs action — words just aren’t enough!

My question is a direct challenge to you: are you doing a good job of showing God’s love to those around you? What are you doing each day to make your call evident? Would you like to explore ways of pushing yourself to do more? Feel free to talk to us about it: We want to help you change your world!