BuzZ Online Episode 11! (Updated)

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Thanks for joining us for this episode of the EFCCM’s official podcast. Jumping right in, this episode is taken directly from a session that Randy offered at Missions Fest 2008. Here he talks about the strength and diversity of house churches in North America and around the world, and offers insights into how they start, and how they work best.

The video clip that Randy references in this session can be found by clicking here.

Randy works with the EFCC, and he heads up The Journey, an outreach ministry dedicated to house churches in Canada. If this session has inspired you in some way, and you’d like to respond, please leave a comment below. If you’d like to get involved in church planting in some way, please drop us a line.

Update: Randy generously included his PowerPoint presentation to this podcast. If you’d like to follow the visuals while you’re listening, click here.

A Personal Inspiration


I thought I’d share something personal that I wrote roughly a week ago. It was extremely challenging to write it, and I hope that is both challenging and encouraging to read.

Click here for the blog post.

(Please keep in mind that this is a link to my personal blog, and opinions expressed there do not necessarily reflect or represent those of the EFCCM.)

A Time of Connection


It’s getting to be that busy time again at Home Office. The EFCCM Board and the International Leadership Team are converging here for their twice-yearly meetings. There is lots to discuss and to plan, and to come to terms with — on all sides! Pray for travel plans (one important flight was already canceled which will delay some people), and for safety.

Also pray for clarity, honesty and unity. Ultimately, we each want to see God’s will at work through the EFCCM, affecting His world with His love and glory!

Summer ’08 Youth Ministry Team

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Hermosillo: Due to a change in planning at one church, we now have the summer ministry slot open for one of our EFCC congregations churches to answer the call. If you have been planning to take your youth or a group of families on a Short-Term Mission Trip, this could be the opportunity you are waiting for. This July we need a group to go and serve together with the host church, Agua Viva, in Mexico.

If this could be you, drop us a line for more details and information.

Call to all Construction Trade People

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This comes from Steve, the Latin America Director:

All hands are pushing to get the Agua Viva Ministry Center finished to a point of occupancy as soon as possible. Reg, our resident host for Canadian Work Teams in Hermosillo, needs qualified Trades people to head to Mexico to help him get some of the more technical stuff done on the building this spring. If you have the skills and the time to make this work, please contact me and I will put you in contact with Reg. March and April are the months when the help is needed.