Heavy Into (Conference) Production

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Things are starting to ramp up for this year’s EFCC Conference heading to Edmonton from July 23rd to 26th. I have a bunch of pieces to work on, including new video presentations and area brochures. That is just to say that my plate is very full over the next few weeks and months, so blog posts here may be a little sporadic — though I’ll work hard to prevent them from becoming too sporadic. :-)

Hey, if you’re part of an Evangelical Free Church in Canada, consider this your invite to attend the conference! You can see our Conference info by clicking here — you can even register! The theme is Advancing With Confident Hope, an appropriate choice as we look forward to welcoming a new President to office. (Ron is retiring, if you’re wondering.)

If you can make it, introduce yourself to the tall guy with the camera — I’ve been asked to be the ‘official photographer’. Sadly the position doesn’t come with a large font ‘OFFICIAL PHOTOGRAPHER’ t-shirt. Yet.

Women’s Shelter Under Construction

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One of our “a World of Hope” projects listed last year was the Mennonite Women’s Shelter which will offer protection for abused women and children. (To see how big a problem abuse is, take a look at this previous post.) In a society that offers no social safety net, this will give women an option.

Currently the land has been purchased, and construction has begun. A number of missionaries are involved in its progress. It’s great to tell the stories that God is writing — we’ll continue to keep you posted as this project develops.

If you feel a pull toward this important initiative, we are looking for people to make a personal contribution to the ministry (especially training and counseling) that is envisioned once the centre becomes operational.

Cheaper Credit Card Rates — Hurray!


I just got the announcement from our Finance department that our credit card rates for both VISA and MasterCard are being reduced, effective April 4th! Currently credit card donations cost us 2.35% of the transaction, but they will be going down to 1.80%, a substantial drop (approx 25% cheaper, if that helps).

While it may seem nominal, credit card donations are a growing trend at the EFCCM (which incidentally, is the reason we were given the lower rate), so over the course of time this will add up to a substantial saving.

If you would like to make a credit card donation toward the work of the EFCCM, you can visit this link to give directly. From there you can specific ministries or missionaries to direct your money to. As a recognised charity, we offer tax receipts to Canadians for any gift over $10!

News from our Bolivia Radio Station

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The following is from Jake and Dororthy who are serving in Bolivia:

“February 16th was the Inauguration of the second Radio Trans Mundial Radio Station in Bolivia. Land was purchased June 24, 2005 for the San Julian Radio Station. The contract for building the tower took place on December 7, 2005 and was finished March 2006. Engineers from Montrose Pennsylvania came to help set up the radio. On June 16th 2006 RTM San Julian started broadcasting. It was great having the Saskatchewan team here for this grand opening. Two of them were Jake’s brothers, what a joy and special treat to have them come here.

“The purpose for RTM 105.1 FM is to serve the towns around San Julian and the communities in this eastern rural area. The main audience of RTM are farmers who speak mostly Quechua, some Aymara and also Guaraní. This radio station also reaches many more Mennonite colonies such as the Brechas, Núcleos, San Ramón, San Javier and even further.

“Up to now San Julian has been a repeater station from our Pailon Station. They are now raising money to buy a computer, so that they can start broadcasting from the San Julian Station live. They have $300 on hand. These are very poor people so they are thrilled at the amount they have been able to gather.”

Thanks are due to a huge group of people, including many of the EFCCM team in Bolivia, several people from North America and of course many of the Bolivian participants who made this celebration memorable.

Urgent Prayer Request (Updated)

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Con and Leona serve in Ukraine, and Leona has recently experienced some serious health issues. The doctors in Ukraine have run a battery of tests, but still seem uncertain as to what the real problem is, or how to treat it, though it does seem to involve her heart. After navigating between the Ukrainian health system, and their insurance company, they have finally been given assurance that their health needs will be covered if they seek treatment in Canada. Leona is consulting a cardiologist to ensure that she will be able to make the trip.

Pray with us that God would intervene, and that they would be able to see His hand in this whole situation. Pray that she would be able to return to Canada safely, and that the medical staff here would be able to diagnose her situation quickly, and treat it effectively. We are grateful for the ministry years that Con and Leona have invested in Dnepro Bible Institute and Life Discipleship Training, and we are trusting God for several more!

Update: Leona has been given clearance to fly. She will leave Dnepro tomorrow (March 1st), and arrive in Edmonton very early on Sunday morning. She needs to see a specialist as soon as possible, so please continue to pray for the details to get worked out there. Sadly, at this time Con is not able to join her due to circumstances in Ukraine. This whole situation is of course hard on him, so pray for him too, that he would be able to stay connected with Leona and follow what’s happening from a distance.

Update: Leona made the arduous flight, and will undergoing testing in Calgary soon. The trip that was supposed to take 24hrs ended up taking 60hrs! But they were treated with compassion by airline and airport staff who made the process as comfortable as it could be for her. Continue to pray for a solution for her condition, and wisdom in the medical team that will be attending to her needs.