Prayer Needed in Lithuania

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Nathan and Dawn (the same people who were on the recent podcast) have sent out an alert for several prayer needs. They just returned to the country recently, and were instantly thrown into the midst of a number of troubling issues that concern their local church.

There is the threat of division from the introduction of prosperity gospel. It has attracted at least one vocal church member, and conflict has resulted — to the point where the pastor’s sermons have been interrupted, and other meetings have been interfered with.

There are also several marriage issues that they’ve mentioned. One couple in particular is on the verge of divorce, and the conflict between them is escalating in increasingly unhealthy ways.

Please take a moment out of your day to pray for unity and healing for the local church in Lithuania. Pray for God to bind broken hearts. And pray for Nathan and Dawn and all who are involved in this. Pray that Wisdom and Peace would reign supreme, and that God would use this time to draw His people close to Himself.

Inpired Insight


Darren and Angela are Apprentices in Missions (AIMs) recently accepted by the EFCCM. Their most recent post offers a perspective of charity that is certainly worthy of greater attention.

Check it out by clicking here.

A Moment in Tarija

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People in Tarija have a new reason to put their faith in Jesus Christ. Tarija is in southern Bolivia, close to the Argentinean border, and on a recent visit to the city Steve (Latin America Area Director) witnessed the incredible Sunday evening service where many, many people came to church for the first time. They wanted to give thanks to God and the local Evangelical Free Church for the pouring out of love expressed at the local General Hospital that week. One of the young men from the church had been in a very serious accident. He was the only believer in his family and had been praying for his extended family. As his life teetered between earth and eternity, the church showed their love by caring for him and his family.

The largest offering in the history of this new church was received that night to be used to cover the hospital bills as the family ran out of resources. The extended family was in church to witness that moment and to express their interest in finding the God that was evidently present that night!

God sometimes uses the toughest situations to show His love most clearly.

Buzz Online 10.06.08

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Welcome to this edition of the BuzzOnline. I was privileged to share a brief conversation with Nathan and Dawn who serve in Lithuania. They have lived there for nearly two years as Professional Associates (missionaries who earn a portion of their living employed in industry on the field).

Join us for a snapshot of what God has been showing them and leading them through.

Click here to see their website, and be sure to visit their blog too.

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A Short-Term Team In Tailand

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Larry and Diane in Thailand recently hosted a team from Emmanuel EFC in Steinbach, Manitoba. Here is a brief account they provided about the trip:

A team of 13 young adults came to Thailand and they were a great blessing. One of their areas of ministry was to the local ZOE Children’s Home (more info on ZOE International available here), as well as to the Khmu people in Nan province. The Khmu were greatly impressed with how dedicated they were in the construction and painting projects they took on. When was completed the Khmu leader, Prayat, said this was the most beautiful church he has ever seen!

Many people have come to see the church since then. The team also had a chance to do a live performance beside the main street, where they set up lights and a sound system. Both young and old came to watch this performance of songs, skits and a short message. Pray many Khmu would come to the Lord and fill up the church with worship and praise to our Lord. Pray for Prayat as he would like to have a ministry to neglected and abused children. Pray that this can be accomplished wisely and with leading from the Holy Spirit. This ministry will also need more workers.

The Khmu have never had a team come to their area before. When it came time to say goodbye, several couldn’t hold back their tears. If you would like to be involved in a team outreach effort with that kind of connection and impact, send an e-mail to us at Short-term teams are a great way to get involved in ministry firsthand, and we can help connect you to one.