EFCCM Overview Video Clip


This was the video that we presented at Conference 2008 on behalf of the EFCCM. There are a lot of people that contributed footage and stills to this project — many of them may not even know. Thanks go to all of them. And a special thanks goes to Jay who provided the voice for this piece — the voice gets the most comments and compliments by far. :-)

Copies of this video were handed out liberally at Conference — if you would like one for your church, or just for yourself, drop us an e-mail.

Missionaries in Europe

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Renewal! Refreshment! From all reports, the Europe Area Conference was a great time. All our missionaries congregated in Lithuania, a country suitably central to the EFCCM’s presence there.

But while it was a time of bonding and encouragement, there is also an element of sadness. This marks the end of several families’ service with the EFCCM in Europe. I would personally ask you to pray especially for our missionaries in Ukraine. The team has shrunk over the last couple of years, and that shrinking has accelerated in the last few months. Their big team has been reduced to half the size it was two years ago, maybe even less. The remaining families, and of course their Ukrainian brothers and sisters, need the Lord’s direction and encouragement to continue forward strongly in ministry. Pray also that the Lord would raise up new missionaries for our Europe Area. There is a great spiritual need on that continent!

EFCC Conference 2008 Wrap-Up

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Well I was hoping to be on the blog a lot more while in Alberta, but as has become boundlessly obvious to you by now, that didn’t happen. So here are the broad strokes: People got together and decided stuff. There. The end. No, just kidding — it’s actually just the beginning!

A New Leader for the EFCC

Bill is replacing Ron as the head of the EFCC. His title is changing from President to Executive Director to reflect the grassroots nature of the EFCC. (Note: I previously made it sound like this was Bill’s own executive decision. The truth is that it was a consensual one between the EFCC and EFCCM leadership and was given Conference approval.) The thinking is that Presidents make top-down decrees, whereas Executive Directors interact with their constituents to make decisions and take action together. I like it. After Bill and his family settle into their new home in BC’s Lower Mainland, I hope I can get some of his input into this blog directly. It would be really cool if I could get Ron’s input too. I’ll try to make that happen for you, dear readers.

A Revised Statement of Faith

The Free Church prides itself on being an example of inclusiveness. Therefore there was a strong effort to make sure that the official Statement of Faith only holds the most basic, unalterable essentials for faith in Christ. After long hours of passionate discussion, the revisions were voted in with a 92% acceptance. That is an exciting expression of solidarity!

Each of our missionaries and leaders were grateful for the time of interaction and sharing that Conference provided. Sometimes that was in front of the whole assembly, and sometimes it was one-on-one conversations.

In the time of share, care and prayer, we had a lot of opportunity to get a better look into the lives of our missionaries.

They face many challenges! But there are also lots of cool stories about what God is doing that I have to share with you. There will be lots more Conference-related posts on the way!

What Happens in Edmonton Won’t Stay in Edmonton!

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Conference is finally upon us. Tomorrow the Home Office staff descends on the (not very) distant province of Alberta. In amongst all the inspiration and connections being shared over the next few days, your intrepid blogger will be on hand to share it with you wherever possible. We’ve made arrangements to record several of the speakers, and I will have a digital camera, webcam and numerous other tools and toys to help out getting the word out.

Stay tuned, and I’ll be here on the EFCCM blog as much as I can be. For me at least, it’s going to be a wild ride. :-)

Video Clip from Bolivia

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I was just alerted to a video that was created for Rudy and Erna in Bolivia. This is a really good overview of our ministry there.