Better News About Bolivia

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I just received this update from Marg in Bolivia:

“Our neighbour is here and tells us that the blockades and the march are over. The accord has not been signed yet but they are withdrawing for now. If the accord is not signed a new march will begin on October 15. That means that we should have a month of relative peace. We hope and pray that tomorrow the accord will be signed! But we are grateful for the reprise we will have. Thank you for all your support and prayers.”

I will continue to keep you updated as I receive news from our team in the country. And in the meantime, I’d like to echo their thanks for your thoughts and prayers. With all the ministry we have happening in Bolivia right now, peace and stability are rather significant issues!

Women’s and Chilren’s Shelter Progress

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This is an update from one of our missionary couples in Bolivia.

“The Women’s Shelter is coming along , but ever so slowly. We have had trouble keeping workers…” There is so much work available it’s competing for their attention. “But praise God that we are going forward. I would so much like to see it completed this year. When you see the needs, and you can’t accommodate them, and construction is slow, [that] is when you ask the Lord for an extra dose of patience.”

“Here are three pictures taken this morning. The outside walls are pretty much done and inside walls are coming up already too.”

But the building isn’t the only thing on our missionaries’ minds.

There is a lot of political tension and unrest in Bolivia right now which is having unpredictable effects on our ministry efforts. “It seams everyone was out of cement. It was just a good thing I had bought 100 bags the other day because I asked for more and they said they had no more and did not know when they would be getting any because there are road blocks every where. They are pretty serious. There has been lots of shooting and even death because of it.”

Please pray for peace to be restored in Bolivia!

Urgent Prayer for Bolivia

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We just got word from some of our missionaries in Bolivia that the country is facing some very hard times. The political situation has been a pressure-cooker, and the country is now faced with widespread civil disobedience, strikes and protests, primarily by university students. This is having an impact on our missionaries.

“We are requesting prayers for Bolivia and its people. Since the referendum a month ago the political situation has deteriorated. We are not in any danger where we live. However, the situation in the major centres, especially Santa Cruz, is serious. “

They’ve reported sporadic violence in the country. There are some grave, major implications to the actions!

“It is evident that a group of young people is wreaking havoc in the city and that the police have no control over them. They have burned all the papers in the Land Titles office, have attacked the nationalized communication company, Entel, and the bus station.”

While all of our people are reported to be safe, their travel is being restricted, and there are shortages that are sure to worsen the situation.

“The major roads have been blockaded for over a week; there is no diesel or gasoline being transported throughout the country. We have no idea how long this situation will continue…”

This is greatly affecting each of our ministries in the country, and the whole Bolivian population. Please pray for continued safety of the missionaries, for wisdom for the country’s leaders in resolving this situation, and for peace to be restored soon.

High Intensity at Home Office

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This week the Home Office is again hosting all of the EFCC and EFCCM leaders for a big powwow. There is much that needs to be decided, especially as we work on implementing some of the changes made at Conference 2008.

One of the elements that the EFCCM has accepted four new missionaries. I will introduce them to you here when it is appropriate to do so.

Please pray for wisdom and clarity for us!

Another New Missionary!

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We are pleased to announce that we will have a new missionary arriving in a Creative Access Country (CAC) soon. She’s going out as a Professional Associate, which means that she will be raising some of her support on the field. When you look at her history, missions seems like an especially surprising life-choice.

Over the years, her parents accumulated significant wealth in their home country. Her mother told her that she would be entitled to her share of the money, but only on the condition that she return home. As her mother is a committed Buddhist, our missionary knew she wouldn’t be permitted to practise her faith at home. She had to choose between financial security and what her heart was telling her was right. And she hasn’t looked back: “Money has never been satisfying to me…Now I smile in my sleep!”

While in the host country, there are a number of ministries she’ll be engaged with.

  • She will be joining the country’s US missionaries to share the Gospel through English Corner (an outreach program) — her target is working people, and college and university students. The outreach program is held on every Saturday and Sunday afternoon in two different churches. She will continue to teach Sunday School (this isn’t 100% legal there).
  • She will be travelling to the village once every two months to follow up the Children Ministry she began there years ago.
  • And finally during the week, she will be teaching international kids from her home.

Pray for safety and for successful ministry despite the challenges that heading into a CAC entails. Pray also for sufficient finances for her to make plans with confidence.