Autumn’s Arrival

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I would write up something poetic about that, but someone already did it — better than I could. Darlene is serving with the EFCCM in Lithuania, and she keeps a regular blog about her experiences there. Her most recent post about fall is particularly heartwarming:

Click here to read it.

Happy autumn everyone!

How Many Drums, How Many Drummers?


I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving! I know I did. I met a lot of new people over the weekend. And you know how when you’re first meeting someone, there’s an inevitable question that comes up? “What do you do?” I’ve got a pat answer worked out (as I’m sure most do), but the person I was talking to was genuinely interested in what I had to say about not only my job, but the EFCCM and where we’re all heading. I had the opportunity to give her a snapshot of many of our ministries around the world.

Jake and Marg are installed in the deep jungle of Bolivia. They are training locals in more advanced technologies in agriculture that are both more productive, and use the land far better.

In Japan, Dale and Ann are committed to church planting, evangelism and training new church leaders. That’s a tough go, because Japan is mostly secular, and the dominant religion is Buddhism.

Eddie and Bonita are working on a project in Rwanda called Beyond Genocide. It’s going to be a ministry centre with a variety of strategies to help people overcome the pain they’ve been living with for over a decade.

That’s just a couple drum taps to the percussion symphony of all that our missionaries are doing around the world. And it got me thinking about who’s leading this. Of course, the EFCCM has a number of leadership roles. We have board members, directors, country leaders, managers, pastors and the missionaries themselves. Multiple rhythms abound: loud, quiet, fast, slow, syncopated and steady. But ultimately we’re all marching to the beat of a much larger Drummer. If I didn’t have the assurance that it was God who was keeping us all together, I don’t think I could keep this up! But we have that assurance. He is! And that’s something that’s very worthy of Thanksgiving!

A Closer Look at Well-Drilling

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Danny has provided a closer look into the process of drilling wells. Rather than cutting and pasting all of his links into this blog, I think I’ll just link to his blog.

See the videos and updates here:

I like the rugged ‘handcraftedness’ of the solutions he’s putting forward. It’s such a lo-tech approach to achieving some pretty remarkable, life-changing results!

A World of Hope 2008

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We are starting to assemble the new programme for A World of Hope ’08! This is a large-scale effort. It will be including more projects than ever from our missionaries around the world, giving you and your church greater options for getting involved.

We will have projects for every budget, from microscopic to cosmic. Okay not quite that extreme — let’s just say comprehensive. It will be available in most local EFCC congregations, and I will also have it available for download on both the EFCC website and this blog.

This is going to be a great time of getting involved with what God is doing around the world — we are excited to have you join us! So be on the lookout for A World of Hope 2008.