Important Meetings Coming Up

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We’re working on some pretty significant stuff in next week’s meetings as the EFCCM directors connect at Home Office. This important powwow is going to raise some issues that need to be addressed, and hopefully bring clarity to the transition we’ve been going through.

Please pray for each of us to voice the issues well, to listen carefully to each other, and that the Lord’s wisdom would be present as we make decisions together.

Have a great weekend, everyone!

The Boiling Point

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I’ve reported on here that Bolivia has been going through unsettling times. There have been protests resulting in fuel shortages, and other stresses. Our missionaries report that this has calmed down somewhat. Political action is ‘on hold’ awaiting an important referendum on January 25th. This could settle things further, or inflame things, depending on which way things go. Please keep Bolivia in your prayers.
And yet, while one place seems to be simmering down, another is bubbling over!

If you’ve missed it, Thailand has been in the news recently as protestors have shut down two major airports, stranding thousands of passengers. This is a significant move, threatening to cripple the country’s economy, and is being taken very seriously by the government and authorities. Missionaries there report that at this point it is hard to get a sense of who is doing what. They are safe so far, but having airports blocked is certainly a concern.

Pray for cool heads to prevail, and that God would use His people to be beacons of peace and trust, especially in these times of uncertainty.

The First Return!

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Lisa just announced that we have our first a World of Hope ’08 donation this morning! Hurray! Thanks for your continued prayers: we’re trusting God for this to offer a major boost to His work around the world!

BuzZ Online 20 Nov 2008

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Click here to listen to this audio file.

After listening to this podcast, I hope you feel inspired to drop one of our missionaries an encouraging note.
Among other topics, Dewey and Joan present clearly how much it means for our people to know that they have people in Canada who are thinking about them, and supporting them.

Out, Out and Away!

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Some are already starting to receive their World of Hope brochures! Please join us in praying and trusting that the response to this year’s effort would be substantial.

But to me, what’s more important than the financial response, is that we would be able to convey what God is doing through these ministries. I want to share how lives are changing around the world, through committed Canadians giving to missions. Please pray that God would be able to tell this part of His story through us!