Bustling Activity in Hermosillo

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Reg and Linda have been hard at work preparing the facilities for hosting short-term mission trips. Teams visiting Hermosillo have had a considerable impact on the local population there, both practically and spiritually. The latest construction project is to provide teams with comfortable accommodations while in Mexico so that their efforts can be enhanced.

Is our work in Mexico really having an impact? Judge for yourself by this story from Reg and Linda:

“Meet Marcela and Cesar and their little girl Alhya. A few months ago their life was going in much a different direction. Struggling with substance abuses and a day to day life of survival they had an experience that forever changed their life. They had a second little girl named Yeretzy. Yeretzy suddenly became ill and non responsive and was rushed 5 hours to the state hospital in Hermosillo where she succumbed one month later to Meningitis. But in the pain of her death and the desperate need for food and money, Marcela arrived on the doorstep of Ana Ruth who attends Arbol de Vida. Ana Ruth opened her door to Marcela after so many people had sent her away without anything.

“God had planned much more than some food and a cold glass of water for this family and as Ana shared her faith in Christ Marcela’s heart started to open. Cesar and Marcela started to attend church; they then accepted the Lord as their Savior and were baptized. They had a desire to leave the old self behind and become new creatures in Christ. Through the help of the church people, the Neufelds and Elliots, this family has started a new life, godly habits like reading the Bible as a family, child discipline, serving in children’s ministry, learning to budget the small income that Cesar makes now, learning to cook healthy meals, and much more; all which has drastically changed the look to their family. The greatest of these was their wedding where they committed to God their lives as a couple and as parents to precious Alyha. In Cesar’s words he says, ‘I don’t feel dirty anymore, it’s like God lifted a weight and I can breathe blessings.'”

That’s just one story of many that clearly show how God is working in people’s lives. But there are many challenges. In particular, please remember to pray for our missionaries, and the Mexican people as the country is at the centre of the swine flu outbreak. Pray for safety and wisdom for all.

An Update from Eddie and Bonita

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This is a brief update from Eddie and Bonita who are serving in Rwanda:

“On April 7, the streets of Kigali were deserted like we have never seen. All the shops were closed. It was the first day of a week of mourning and remembering the genocide. We had always heard how difficult this time is. Eddie saw it firsthand. Amahoro stadium was packed to overflowing for the ceremony of remembrance. There was no room for Eddie to get in, so he walked to his Aunt`s house, about a block away. On TV he watched the events which were happening live just steps from where he sat. After songs and speeches, a 15 year old boy shared his story. His mother had given birth to him in that very stadium as she feared for her life. Just days before, his father had been murdered. After his testimony came another. This one was suddenly interrupted as screams of terror broke out in many parts of the stadium. We had heard of this happening every year at this time. People still suffering trauma were not just remembering 1994, they were reliving it. Their minds replayed the horror as if it were happening; as if their lives were in peril all over again. The testimony had to be interrupted with an appeal to any health professionals in the stadium to please intervene and help those who were suffering.

“People here hide their scars well. A visitor could spend weeks here without knowingly coming in contact with the reality of Rwanda’s past. As Eddie watched TV his Aunt told him about a young relative she employed to help run her small guesthouse. We`ve seen Claude around many times since we came here. His Aunt told Eddie that in the past week Claude has been incapable of following the simplest instructions. We had no idea that he, too, was a genocide survivor. Once Eddie learned this, he turned off the TV and took Claude out for a soda. Claude poured out his whole story to Eddie. His parents suffered a brutal death while he watched at the age of 9. Hearing his story left me broken. Some parts I can hardly bear to think about.

“On my last visit to my favourite coffee shop, I sat in my chair looking up at one of the friendly shop managers as she chatted with Eddie. From that angle, I noticed a scar along her jaw I had never seen before. Later I asked Eddie, and sure enough, she too is a survivor.

“I don’t understand how God works, and one thing puzzling me is how this nation and these people have so thoroughly taken hold of my heart in a short time. It’s painful when someone you love is hurting, and you can’t do much more than watch. This week is hard for us, but so much worse for those who are reliving the past. So we appeal to you as the announcer did in the stadium last night. These folks don’t need doctors. They need the Great Physician. Please intervene. Please pray for the people of Rwanda.”

Please Pray!

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It’s come to our attention recently that some people connected to one of our workers in a CAC (Creative Access Country) have been arrested and detained. I don’t know any details, and I couldn’t share them here even if I did. But please take a moment to pray for these people, for mercy from the authorities, and that the implications of these arrests would be limited.