Updates to the Hermosillo Story

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Greg and Shelli have posted updates to their blog about doors that God is opening in ministering to the burn victims and their families that I’ve been following here.

See their stories here and here.

I’m still at a loss for what to say about this story. The stories are so hard, and the pain is so deep. We know that suffering, grief and death aren’t the last words. But they are certainly the prevalent ones right now.

Another Introduction

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Wally and Esther have spent the last couple of days finishing up their orientation with the Home Office staff. They have been independent missionaries in Nicaragua for the last 1.5yrs, and will be returning in July under the banner of the EFCCM. Their primary ministry is with an orphanage. It’s become apparent that I should define that term, and why it’s becoming increasingly important to the EFCCM.

In Western countries, an orphanage is usually thought of as a temporary solution until foster care or adoption becomes available to children. In most other countries, that isn’t so. There are few people that can ably adopt children. Typically, they have been abandoned because families don’t have the ability to provide for them. Or they are at risk of abuse. Or they have been orphaned by war, famine or disease.

Children in such desperate situations have few options and little hope of a better life. Through an orphanage we can provide safety, nutrition and hygiene. But we can offer so much more. When we can intervene at a young age, we can change negative trends and thought patterns. We can offer hope. And we can introduce children to their Creator. That’s the path which offers the most improvement and healing.

The EFCCM is committing to orphanages in Bolivia and Nicaragua, and at least one of our EFCC churches is supporting orphanages in Ukraine too. God certainly has a heart for children, and we at the EFCCM do too.

Letting You in on Something

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I thought I would share some of the communication ideas and plans that we’re working on here at the EFCC and EFCCM.

First, we’ve chewed on the idea of starting a Facebook presence or a Twitter feed for the denomination. Frankly, I don’t think it makes much sense for us. There isn’t a crying demand for such a thing. (Actually, just building awareness of our current efforts is challenge enough.) It doesn’t seem to be worth the time investment, not when it all basically comes down to one guy. If there was a cause that I thought was worth championing, or a way that I could harness social media for a larger collaborative effort, I’d jump at it. So it’s something that we’ll continue to think about, but it makes sense to me to keep things within reason for now.

With that said, we’re working on unveiling a brand new website for the EFCC and the EFCCM. It will be handled almost entirely in-house, so that we have the control for the layout and we’ll be able to make changes much quicker for you. That will improve not just how information appears, but also how the site functions for online donation, Conference registration and things like that. Our hope is that the new site will be a much better presence for connecting the whole EFCC community.

Perhaps you’d be interested in helping EFCC/M Communications. There are a number of ways you can. Most of them don’t take a ton of work or thought.

  • Start a dialogue. If you’ve seen something that connected with you, tell your friends, your family, your pastor, your missionaries. If the blog is only words on a page, it’s pretty much useless.
  • Content is king. Offer suggestions for stories and posts that you think would be a compelling reason to keep coming back here.
  • Join the gang. Are you a writer, photographer or videographer that would be willing to volunteer time to tell great stories? There’s no shortage of stories to tell — and at Home Office we want to tell more of them!

PulseTV Episode 2

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Episode 2 is here!

Not only is it available online, but just like the first episode, I’ve also made it available in two different versions for download (simply right click and select “save link as…”):
MP4 version (approx 17.5MB)
WMV version (approx 23MB)

Additionally we have a convenient DVD with both episodes heading to all of our EFCC congregations with the printed Pulse. The Pulse and PulseTV, together at last. Cue violin music and sunset lighting. :-)

We appreciate your comments and suggestions offered for Episode 1. We’ve tried to incorporate many of them into Episode 2. And with your help, we’ll keep making it better as we go.

We hope that you will be encouraged and inspired as we continue to share the stories of what God is doing in Canada and around the world. We hope that you’ll share these stories with others, and that you’ll share your stories with us!

Sad Story in Hermosillo

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Our missionaries in Hermosillo, Mexico have been reporting a very sad story. There was a fire at a day care that claimed the lives of 46 children. This has thrown the whole city into mourning.

Pray that in the midst of the shock, pain and grief, that our missionary couples will be able to respond in a life-affirming way.

Greg and Shelli have posted about it on their blog.

And Lane and Sheri have made several posts on theirs.

I’m not sure what to say about all this, except to request your prayer that the Lord’s comfort would be a real presence among the victims’ families and friends.