Big Video Project Completed!

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We are pleased to launch this rather significant video effort which highlights our ministry involvement in Bolivia. The EFCCM Manager of Communications was invited to join the Latin America Area Director to visit our missionaries and ministries. The trip even coincided with a short-term work team to capture even more action! This set of videos is currently being duplicated onto DVD, and will be sent out to our churches to be used at they wish. But we also want to present them on this site.

Not only is each clip available for online viewing, but we’re also providing links to downloadable video files for computer playback. Simply right click on the link, and you can pull the file onto your computer.

Enjoy, and take a moment to make a comment below!

Bolivia Overview

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Update from CCL in Ukraine

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This week Home Office had the privilege of hosting Orban, Trish and their three teenagers. They are back from Ukraine on a short Home Assignment. I was able to spend a few moments with the family, and I specifically wanted to get a sense of their new ministry directions regarding the Centre for Christian Learning. It was invigorating!

Orban wanted to make clear that in its transition from DBI to CCL, they’ve kept the same goals and the same philosophies, it’s just the program that’s been altered.

CCL offers a much broader scope than DBI did. It can get more people participating because the participation doesn’t imply a two-year commitment. In fact, many of the courses and seminars are just two days. It also has the advantage of being light on its feet. It it much more able to address specific needs being felt in the churches, and put together short sessions to address them.

CCL is always on the lookout for those willing to share their expertise with Ukrainian leaders. If you have a special skill, we’d love to hear from you — contact us today.

The IMT Begins a Wider Dialogue

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The International Mission Team (formerly EFCCM Board) has taken on the task of personally connecting with our churches throughout Canada. The key is that they want the whole denomination to think about how we can ‘do missions better’.

This level of discussion will show up at our district conferences this fall, and will hopefully get some ‘airtime’ at next year’s EFCC Conference as well.

My prayer is that just having these conversations will inspire fresh energy for the EFCCM, and will help to fine-tune how we connect with our constituency going forward. I believe it can!

Mennonite Outreach in Bolivia (Video)

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We are involved in several methods of outreach to Mennonite colonies in Bolivia. Their strict emphasis on tradition has robbed them of a rich, vibrant relationship with Christ. In some colonies, this has resulted in significant problems, and the existing structure doesn’t have the mechanisms to correct them. In their desperation, they are starting looking for help from the outside community, and this is giving us an important opportunity to offer Christ’s healing and restoration.

Download video file to your computer (right click or option click to save):
BoliviaMennonites.wmv (should work with most PCs)
BoliviaMennonites.m4v (should work with most Macs)

Bolivia Radio Ministry (Video)

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Much of Bolivia is inaccessible by road, but that doesn’t slow down radio waves at all.

Download video file to your computer (right click or option click to save):
BoliviaRadio.wmv (should work with most PCs)
BoliviaRadio.m4v (should work with most Macs)