EFCC Conference 2010: Regenerate

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Please plan to attend EFCC Conference 2010! This year our theme is Regenerate: Plant. Water. Grow.

We are really excited about this Conference. For starters it will be held in the picturesque Sun Peaks Resort. This gives opportunities for bike-riding, hiking, swimming or just enjoying the scenery.

We are planning some excellent plenary sessions and seminar topics. But we’re also leaving lots of time open for connecting and sharing with other leaders and members of the EFCC community.

We hope you will take advantage of what we’re offering at EFCC Conference 2010. We’re looking forward to seeing you all there!

Registration is now open!

Finally, you can download a high-quality print of this invite by clicking here. Share it with your church family. Everyone who attends will be blessed, and will be a blessing!

Church Planting Bootcamp

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You’re invited! Trinity Western Seminary is hosting a Church Planting Bootcamp.

You can see more details from the official brochure by clicking here.

To download the registration form, click here.

This promises to be a dynamic event to put more arrows in your creative quiver, and help you understand and develop your God-given calling to begin new faith communities.

How Will they Hear if they Really Can’t Hear?

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It’s safe to say that Michelle is a theatrical person. She loves the various ways we can use our bodies to communicate, and she is appreciated for her creative capacity. She has taught American Sign Language with music, choreographed, and led sign language -oriented evangelistic youth teams throughout Hungary (where she serves with her husband, Norm). This emphasis has taken on a whole new level of significance as she’s been invited into a community theatre for the Deaf.


This group is exploring their artistic aptitudes and performing their work in both the Deaf and hearing communities. Michelle says: “I think the residual effect of public performances is definitely a greater awareness of the Deaf community and their capabilities.” That is important because there is a natural “us-and-them” perception that exists between hearing and Deaf that needs to be dispelled. Deaf don’t want to be isolated — they want to be connected! This tension was explored in their adaptation of Romeo and Juliet, where they portrayed Romeo’s family as deaf and Juliet’s as hearing. These plays are performed for minimal ticket prices in small theatres open to the public.


It’s a little challenging for Michelle to determine her role in all of this – she feels a little out of her depth as a foreign hearing person in a Hungarian Deaf culture.  Hungarian sign is not the same as American Sign. But she feels it’s important to be where the community is, and she’s been given a whole-hearted welcome. Initially invited to join because of her gifts in signed music, Michelle has  been able to introduce Christian music to this group. One of the theatre members who is a sister-in-Christ, is eager to explore this creative outlet to share Christ with those who cannot hear. They work as a team to translate music from English into Hungarian and then, most importantly, into Hungarian Sign Language, with the help of the entire Theatre group.


What purpose does all of this serve?  Keeping in mind her goal is to perform music with a Christian message, let’s give Michelle the last word: “Bottom line: if you want  people to respond to music the way the writer intended, they have to hear it in their Heart Language.  For Deaf, this means,  let them see it, and let them feel it.”

Major Earthquake in Haiti (3rd Update)

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(pic from EFCA’s Crisis Response blog)

**3rd Update: the EFCA, our American sister denomination, has deployed its Crisis Response team to Haiti. Their reports can be seen by clicking here — especially gripping in the light of yesterday’s powerful aftershock.

**2nd Update: Doon and Kelly’s blog has been updated with a recent e-mail to their daughter. You can see it by clicking here.**

**Update: We have received word through sources that have seen Doon and Kelly today. They are fine! That’s a big relief. Hopefully communication can be restored soon, and we’ll have something directly from them to post here. Please continue to pray for them, and the whole country.**

On Tuesday January 12th, a severe earthquake rocked the city of Port-au-Prince, Haiti. It caused extensive damage and a breakdown of infrastructure systems throughout the city. At this point we have not had communication with our missionaries Doon and Kelly, though they are in an area that is not reported to have damage.

The EFCCM does not have the mechanisms in place nor are we located to initiate a crisis response to this situation. If your desire is to contribute to the immediate situation in Port-au-Prince we would suggest that you contribute to Samaritan’s Purse or World Relief Canada.

Pray for safety and quick restoration of communications for Doon, Kelly and their family. Pray for Karis their daughter who is Canada, and is eager to hear word from her parents. Pray too for the Haitian people that have been directly affected by this. There are many casualties, thousands injured and unknown numbers trapped in rubble. Pray that God would bring peace and provision to the masses who need it.

We will continue to update our blog as information becomes available.

New PulseTV Episode Up!

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PulseTV is back with a new episode (this is the 4th one, if that kind of thing matters to you). Our two capable anchormen, Rich and Bill are back with compelling stories, one from Canada, and one from abroad. A name you may not have heard is Jeff — he’s a fourth year student at Trinity Western University, and is helping with a variety of our communication efforts. The process of shooting and editing this video was pretty much entirely left up to him. Thanks Jeff!

As always, this video is viewable on YouTube (above), and for downloading to your own computer (right-click on links below to save files):
Download the MP4 version (43.8MB)
Download the WMV version (25.4MB)

We hope that these stories are encouraging to you and the people around you as you share them. We’d love to hear how you’re using these in your social groups in the comments below.