PulseTV Episode 5

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Here is Pulse TV Episode 5. If you’d like to share it with your church, family, friends or pets, you may want to use a downloadable version (simply right click on either of the following and select “save as”):

PulseTV_Episode005.wmv (approx. 26MB)
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Home Office Sunday (Details)

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If you’d like to download your own copy of this video clip, I’m providing in two file formats:

HomeOfficeSunday.wmv (~21MB)

HomeOfficeSunday.m4v (~33MB)

Also, if you’d like to download your own copy of the materials that we’re sending out about Home Office Sunday, check out the following:

Letter of explanation from Bill (the Executive Director) (~100KB)

Bulletin insert to be used by churches (~3MB)

Home Office Sunday (Intro)

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“The ones who do the planting or watering aren’t important, but God is important because he is the one who makes the seed grow. The one who plants and the one who waters work as a team with the same purpose. Yet they will be rewarded individually, according to their own hard work. We work together as partners who belong to God. You are God’s field, God’s building – not ours.” (I Corinthians 3:7-9)

ExDirPaul reminded the Corinthians that it takes a diverse team to carry out the ministry of the gospel, that the members of that team are merely partners who belong to our God, and that the fruit of our ministry belongs to God, not us. Hence, while some of us plant and some of us water – it is God who causes growth and should receive the glory. It is an all too human response when we give glory to those who minister “up front”. While God should receive the glory, it behoves us to not forget those who serve behind the scenes.

I see the reality of this every day as I work with the tremendous team we have at the EFCC Home Office. It labours tirelessly to help Free Churches, pastors, missionaries, and leaders succeed in doing the mission to which God has called them. They pray for and cheer on our leaders and go above and beyond the call of duty – in short, they are part of the “team” that work together as partners to build God’s building and kingdom. These men and women partner with our churches in ways they do not see – they are part of the invisible support structure that we all depend on as we carry out the mission of God.

None of us is as self-sufficient or as indispensable as we may think. Our God has placed us in his body and it is our responsibility to affirm and support the other parts as we work together as God’s team. And it is our privilege to give the only one who truly deserves it, all the glory!

Serving with you,

From Manitoba to Nikolipola (Updated!)

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Garry and Teresa are excited to see the recent progress on their brand-new barn. The ground has been levelled, excavated and the foundations have been laid. Why should we care so much about a barn? Maybe we should back up a little…

Garry and Teresa (and their two youngest sons) moved from their home in Canada to Ukraine with the intention of teaching the latest techniques in dairy farming. They have been welcomed into the community, and they are striving to learn Russian (one of the world’s most challenging languages!) in order to make connections with people in their new home village.

Garry and Teresa have been very successful in dairy-farming in Canada. But they weren’t content to simply keep milking the cash cow (trying to avoid ‘cheesy’ puns here is really hard!). Instead they moved to Ukraine to do something practical to help others.

Their vision has caught the imagination of several Canadians, and a team will be joining them halfway through April to help with the construction and finish work associated with the barn. (The pressure is on to get to the finish-work stage by then!) When completed, the barn will feature a canvas top to shelter the cows from the most extreme weather.

While this training idea is noble on its own, it’s not their only goal. Their deeper motivation is to share their lives and faith in Christ with everyone willing to listen. We look forward to following how God will continue to use this family to holistically reach into this community, and transform it.

Update: The barn continues to proceed quickly. The progress is truly impressive! You should really check it out on their blog — you can get there by clicking here.

The Pulse for April 2010

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It’s done! It’s up! And it’s available now!

Following our new debate model for the Pulse, this time our big question is

Money or Missionaries: Which should we send?

The latest edition of the Pulse is available by clicking here (this is the second in this online format — the first is available here).

We invite you to read the authors’ perspectives, and then you’re welcome to share your own thoughts here in the comments (please give us a little context for which article or thought you’re addressing). The invitation to comment applies to the whole site — each post offers a place to comment. As usual, the Pulse also contains news and updates from many of our ministries across Canada and around the world.

You can even download a pdf version of the Pulse, to print and keep for yourself.

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