How Big is Your Community?

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One of the important questions that Christians need to ask themselves is how far their community extends. Or as someone asked Jesus, “Who is my neighbour?” This story by Warren from Bolivia shows a new dimension to global neighbourhood, and gives opportunity to partner with it.

“In the small town of Monte Rico the local church has been working hard for the last few years on the construction of their sanctuary. Through Diego we made contact with them and received word that they have over forty children at the Sunday morning service. They desire to begin a Sunday school to minister to these children but have no facilities or training to do so. Through donors in Canada we have been able to find $3,000 which has been designated to make this dream a reality. The funds are being released to them in disbursements to buy materials. As they turn in the accounting for the materials and provide the labour for the construction, they receive the next disbursement. We have also committed to provide training for Sunday School teachers and a curriculum when the class rooms are finished.

“One week ago I sat with the leaders of the church as we prayed to commission the construction of the rooms. The head builder and elder of the church wept as he thanked God for the partnership and the impact it would allow them to have in their community.

“Two years ago the flooding of the Beni province of Bolivia displaced over 25,000 people. Many of them ended up in tent camps along the streets of Trinidad. I had the opportunity to be there and help with some of the relief efforts during that time. The local Baptist church also let an initiative to help and minister to these flood victims. Out of this ministry a church plant was developed amongst the people living in the tent community. I have visited the church plant a few times and have seen it growing. This last week while I was there I attended part of a soccer camp and tournament that the church was holding. They had drawn a huge number of youth out to this ministry and were building contacts and relationships through sports. Little did the youth from the community know they were playing soccer in the sanctuary since the church has met out doors in the soccer field rain or shine since it’s inception.

“I met with the church leaders and found that the government have opened up three areas for the people in the tent communities to settle. Many of them have been living in tents for more than twenty months and will now be moved onto small lots where they can built permanent homes. The church has put together enough money to buy a lot and are now looking for help to construct their building. Currently $1,000 has been pledged.

“Currently I am working with more that ten similar communities and situations and there are many more that I have not yet had the opportunity to do follow up with. Beyond that we are also working in the same way to develop strong ministries in the communities where we are working. There is incredible opportunity in this area for expansion and kingdom impact. I would be happy to share more detailed information or show financial records to anyone interested in partnering with this ministry.”

The EFCCM is Here (Video)

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We’ve started a new promotion campaign here at the EFCCM. This one needs your participation!

The EFCCM is Here. Wherever you go, you take the EFCCM with you.  It could be on a dusty road in a distant village. Or in the bustling core of a foreign metropolis. Or in a Canadian church as you pray on the EFCCM’s behalf. Your curiosity, your passion, your action are all elements of what God is doing with and through the EFCCM.

We are assembling a gallery of pictures with people wearing t-shirts, holding up signs in places all around the world. We will be using these in a variety of presentations to make it clear to our churches and the world:

The EFCCM is Here!

You can download a pdf, and print it out for your own bulletin board, bulletin, or even your own t-shirts:
theEFCCMisHere.pdf (approx. 10KB)

You can also download a copy of the above video clip (which is just over 1 minute) for use in your church, or small group or whatever (simply right click and select ‘save as…’):
EFCCMisHere.wmv (approx. 8MB)
EFCCMisHere.mp4 (approx. 10MB)

We are excited to get this concept to as broad a group of participants and supporters as possible. If you have ideas for how that could happen at your church, your missions committee, or perhaps even with your short-term team, please get in touch!

EFCC Conference: Initial Summary

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I expect that there will be a number of reports from a variety of sources over the next few days from EFCC Conference 2010. Our theme was Regerate: Plant. Water. Grow. I would just like to say that what I appreciated this year was the ‘vibe’. It’s hard to explain exactly what I mean, but I felt a whole new level of togetherness, collaboration and excitement. As I heard other people’s opinions expressed there, I know that I’m not the only one that felt that. I hope that we can keep that going.

I will be posting a online gallery of pictures soon.

If there are other places where you’re seeing reports and updates from Conference 2010, please pass along the sources. And if you’d like to add your own voice to the mix, feel free to add a comment below.

Leadership Summit 2010

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Our Home Office staff is looking forward to Global Leadership Summit 2010 which is put on by Willow Creek. This is an inspiring time of hearing from a wide variety of leaders in a variety of contexts, with a variety of priorities, but who are united in their faith. We were impressed by last year’s, and some of the concepts shared there are still percolating in our conversations now. This is highly recommended for you, your pastor(s), your board and any other leader in your church or organisation.

On August 5 & 6 we encourage you to participate with us wherever you are.

Click here to see the line-up of contributors, and other details.

Click here to see if there are locations near you hosting the event.

I have discovered that the venue we will be attending has wireless internet; I’m hoping that I will be able to live blog the event! I will let you know where that will be happening (it could be on this site, but might work better on an external one). Hopefully we will be able to continue the discussion well after the Summit has passed.

MEMO in the News

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MEMO has made the local news again. Check out the brief clip by clicking here.