World of Hope is Coming!

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This year’s World of Hope is on the horizon. Our World of Hope impact giving catalogue is being assembled right now, and includes some familiar projects, and some new developments.

We will also have a brief video clip to explain the very basics of what World of Hope is all about. That will be available here soon, and will also be sent to each EFCC congregation as well.

Please share this news with others you know, who may not be regulars on our website. World of Hope is an invitation to get involved in how God is at work in and through the EFCCM. We’d like to throw that invitation out as widely as possible!

EFCC WM Project (Video)

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WM Project from EFCCM on Vimeo.

We are excited to announce that EFCC Women’s Ministries (WM) have chosen to support la Casa Mariposa for the coming year. La Casa Mariposa (the Butterfly House) is the EFCCM’s centre for healing and transformation to young women and mothers who suffer the burden of abuse within the remote Mennonite colonies of Bolivia.

Please join me in thanking the following:

  • Lynn for not needing too much persuasion to be our on-camera spokesperson (she did a great job!)
  • Danny in Bolivia who provided most of the stills for this piece
  • Jeff who helped me imagine a lot of the concept for this video, and helped to develop its look, design, soundtrack, etc.

DVD copies of the above video are being sent to all of our churches. Be on the lookout for them!

You may download you own copy of this clip (right click, and select ‘save as…):
WM Project — Casa Mariposa in WMV format (for Windows) ~24MB
WM Project — Casa Mariposa in M4V format (for Mac) ~37MB

And finally, we’ve also created a sheet that outlines the specifics of what we’re raising money for. You can download it as a pdf and print it out for yourself:
WM Project bulletin insert pdf ~5MB