The Pulse Has Arrived

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We’re proud to unveil the latest edition of the Pulse, the official publication of the EFCC. Once again we dive into an important debate with input from two gifted writers. In this issue, we address the issue of Ordination of Women — you won’t want to miss that! There is a summary of this past summer’s Conference (Regenerate: Plant. Water. Grow.) in case you weren’t able to attend. And there is plenty more news and views presented in these pages that we believe you will be interested to know.

Clicking on the following link will enable to you read the Pulse, and there is even an option to download a copy for yourself if you’d rather print it out:

Please share this page with anyone and everyone that you think would be interested. And after you’ve read it, we invite your own comments below.

MEMO Container #40

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The latest MEMO container destined for Cuba is packed and on its way. One of the most important elements of this particular shipment is the ambulance. It will be used in the mountains, especially in service to women and infants, and we expect that they will appreciate the new access to improved health care.

Other supplies include dental chairs, newer computers, and new chemicals and film for the x-ray machine. That last one is a key need that has arisen recently, so it’s good to hear that the life-saving service can resume its work.

Due to the expenses incurred by shipping this container, MEMO is currently running at a substantial deficit. If you would like to assist with that, please click here and put MEMO in the option box there.

There and Back Again

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“I have travelled many weary miles. I have faced danger from flooded rivers and from robbers… I have lived with weariness and pain and sleepless nights…” (II Corinthians 11:26-27)

In the Lord of the Rings, J.R.R. Tolkien has Bilbo Baggins title his epic story of travels and adventure through Middle Earth, “There and Back Again – A Hobbit’s Tale”. The apostle Paul surely could have given a similar title to the New Testament accounts of his journeys spreading the Gospel and planting churches. These past few months in all the travelling I’ve done, my life has been just like Paul’s.  Minus the danger. Minus the suffering. Minus the drama!

OK, so I am pretty much totally unlike the apostle Paul. What I have experienced however, is a bit of the passion that drove him to travel far and wide to share the gospel and the incredible camaraderie of working with those who have signed up for the same cause. In June, I had the privilege of encouraging our missionaries and brothers and sisters who are sharing Good News in Ukraine. Wow…these folks love their countrymen and have a passion to see them come to Jesus Christ! In September, Deb and I joined Free Church leaders from around the world, in Spain. We celebrated our unity in Jesus Christ and I was once again inspired by comrades – a fellowship of men and women who are answering the call to reach their neighbours with the saving message of Christ.

Our cousins in India are suffering for the gospel – just like Paul did. Our European cousins in Christ minister to societies that are just as secular as ours. Yet they are finding ways to partner with Christians around the world to reach out. For instance, Latin American missionaries are working with the Spanish Church to plant churches and reach a culture that is only 1% evangelical. Our German Free Church cousins, in equally tough soil, have a goal to plant one church a month from now until 2020 – and they are on pace to see it happen! God is working around the world.

Yes, we are a secular society. The soil is hard – but God is moving! He is tilling the soil and moving His people to Scatter Seed, Multiply Leaders and Celebrate Harvest! By 2020 we are trusting God to help our churches reach thousands of Canadians with the gospel and plant hundreds of new churches across this nation.

In this regard, God has moved EFCC leaders to collaborate together to hire a new Interim Mission Canada Catalyst. We are excited to report that Dr. Charlie Worley will help us set in place the systems we need for recruiting, assessing and coaching church planters in the EFCC. He will also help us to develop leaders who will be better equipped to share the gospel and multiply leaders in this movement. Charlie has a long history of facilitating outreach and church planting in the Evangelical Free Church of America and we are excited to have him return to Canada to help us get traction on this important project. This is a collaborative effort. EFCC districts and National are working together to fund and share Charlie as we move forward. He will work part time and consult with District Superintendents and District Church Planting Catalysts and Pastors.

We welcome Charlie to our National Mission Team! Please pray for Charlie and his wife Marty as they make the sacrifices and preparations to join with us in Canada! And if you would like to add your financial support to this crucial ministry, then please contact the EFCC Home Office and ask for a Friends In-Deed brochure. Together we really can make a difference for the sake of Christ and lost people across this land!

Serving with you,

Bill Taylor
EFCC Executive Director