World of Hope Update

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I just received an update this morning. World of Hope has already raised nearly $11,000 this year! It’s really exciting to see this level of generous support, and it’s not even December yet!

If you would like to contribute toward World of Hope, it’s certainly not too late.

You can view all of the projects highlighted by World of Hope this year in the following catalogue by clicking here:

World of Hope pdf (~1.7MB)

Trending Topic Amongst Our Pastors


There has been some dialogue on the subject about why the youth or young adults are leaving the church. This has been a rousing discussion. It’s been kicked off by this article:

Why Young Christians are Leaving the Church

We welcome you to take a read, and then come back and share your opinions here.

10 Things to Consider Before Giving

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The following piece is reposted with permission from Pastor Able Baker, in Fort St. James, BC.

Are there any particular points that jump out at you? Comments are open!


Today I was talking with a friend about giving. While talking with him I realized there is a lot to consider when you feel you are ready to give something to someone. Here is a list of things to ask yourself before making the decision to give something to someone. I am interested in what you think and what you might add to this list.

  1. Avoid giving in order to make yourself feel better.
  2. Don’t give with strings attached.
  3. In most cases giving should cost you something. What will this cost you?
  4. Make sure you can give in a way that restores or maintains a persons dignity.
  5. Don’t give people who need something that works, something that needs work.
  6. Don’t give someone something they can’t afford to keep.
  7. If you can’t let go of ownership don’t give it away.
  8. Give locally before you give globally.
  9. If you cannot receive a gift well you probably can’t give a gift well.
  10. Many times we can give our enemies what they will not give us.

Urgent Plea from Talita Cumi (Bolivia) (Updated!)

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Can you imagine what having no safety net would look like? These are the conditions Talita Cumi Children’s Home rescues kids from. Perhaps their parents are too impoverished to raise them. Or perhaps home life puts them at risk of abuse or neglect. Some only know a life on the streets, where they are likely to be victims and perpetrators of crime, and where they are susceptible to disease.

Without intervention, they would be trapped in the perpetual cycles of poverty and injustice.

As a ministry of the EFCCM, Talita Cumi provides children with:

  • basic necessities like food and clothing
  • safety
  • nurturing role models
  • educational assistance
  • training in a variety of life skills

Talita Cumi is currently facing a financial shortfall. They operate with a budget of roughly $7,500 per month to support staff and to supply the children’s needs. This month they are $1,500 short. Sadly, that’s not all.

The Bolivian government insists that at Christmas time, employees earn a 13th pay-cheque as a bonus to cover the end of the year. This further puts the squeeze on Talita Cumi’s limited resources.

We are asking for $5,500 to cover the ministry’s most pressing needs. But Talita Cumi is requesting donors to join their efforts on an ongoing basis. You can sponsor children starting at $50 per month.

Please help Talita Cumi continue its important protection and nurturing of children in Bolivia!

By the way, Talita Cumi is one of the projects covered in this year’s World of Hope. You can see more about that by clicking here.

Also, lots more information is available about Talita Cumi on its website.

New Update From Talita Cumi:
A BIG thank-you to all who responded so very generously to our urgent need for financial support and prayers for the kids of Talita Cumi Children’s Home. The body of Christ in Canada and the United States stepped in and bridged the financial gap we were facing this Christmas season. Not only have our projected needs been met, it appears we may have a small reserve for the months ahead!

Thank you for giving; you have blessed and encouraged all of us who work and live at Talita Cumi. It is our hearts desire to honor God in this ministry. With our hands we labor, with our hearts we serve and we push ourselves to give all of our love, care and attention daily to these wonderful kids. If only that was enough to fill the hole each child feels, however their sad memories and real scars will take more than just time to recover from. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to reside in each child, so they will be filled with Christ and they can learn to trust the Father for all their needs this Christmas season.

Praise the Lord for His faithfulness and praise the Lord for you!

Merry Christmas,
The Talita Cumi Family xoxo

Denominational Leaders’ Day

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On Friday, November 25th you are invited to attend a seminar session on the subject:
Maintaining Spiritual Vitality in Ministry

This will be hosted by Gary Thomas, bestselling author of Thirsting for God, Pure Pleasure and Sacred Pathways.

Cost is $30 per person which will cover supplies and lunch.

All the details are available by clicking here.