A Canada-Kenya Connection

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This past November, a short-term team led by our Mission Affiliate, Daniel Chege (Lethbridge, AB) made its way to Sunshine Rehabilitation Home for boys in Naivasha, Kenya. EFCCM Africa Area Director, Petros Yergatian was able to visit during that time and was very impressed with the greenhouse construction work done by the team.

The Sunshine Rehabilitation Home provides housing, clothing, food and education for its current 92 boys. The gospel is preached and lived out by the love of the workers there and their vision for the future is to see 120 boys being provided for through their ministry. The EFCCM would like to see a continued relationship with this ministry as the Lord leads.

Special thanks goes out to all the team members!

How Changing Size Changes Church


We all long to see the church grow. But we also know that growth brings challenges. Here is an article by Tim Keller that we have been mulling over, and celebrating.

Leadership and Church Size Dynamics

It clearly articulates the challenges that are faced as the size of a church changes, and how roles of leaders shift to accommodate it.

Home Office Toonie Sunday

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Home Office Toonie Sunday is our annual request for support for what we do, and how we do it. Everything we do at Home Office is to nurture ministry environments across Canada and around the world. In case you’re not aware, Home Office provides an extensive list of services for the EFCC movement:

  • financial coordination and administration
  • event coordination (esp. EFCC Conference)
  • missionary orientation
  • missions project coordination
  • assistance with short-term missions planning
  • reporting and story-telling
  • connecting with leaders, pastors and churches
  • and lots, lots more

This year, we are especially highlighting our new Catalysts who have specific roles within our movement, including Prayer, Church Planting and Leadership Development.

We are grateful for the financial support that we receive from you, our EFCC family. Specifically we are asking for one toonie ($2) per attender which will enable us to finish this year well, and start the next with confidence!

We would greatly appreciate any churches that collect this either as a second offering, or a piggy-bank in the foyer, or any other creative means, and then send the money in as a cheque to Home Office.

Thanks for helping us as we serve you!

Conference Teaser (Video) (Updated)

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EFCC Conference 2012 registration is now live! Click on the buttons below to register for either Conference or Pre-Conference.


And now, just for fun, here’s the Conference advertisement that I worked on with Langley Christian High School students. They really stepped up, and we had fun putting this together. I hope you have as much fun watching it!

Finally, if you would like to see all of the details about Conference, there are two more pieces that we would like to share with you. (This registration form is handy for reference, but we’d be very grateful if you registered online instead.)
Registration Form (~2.5MB)
Workshop Details (~0.2MB)

We hope to see you in Okotoks this summer!

EFCCM Orientation Video

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Here is the explanation you’ve been waiting for: a portrait of the EFCCM in less than 10.5 minutes!

Please share this with anyone you think might be interested, including:

  • your church’s missions committee
  • your deacons
  • your pastor
  • your family
  • that guy who just told you he had a dream last night that he was a missionary, and who asked you to help him get over it!

When considering international missions, and coming to grips with new cultures, languages and geography, there are a lot of unknowns. But hopefully after this video, you’ll feel like you know the EFCCM itself a little better, and where you might fit in.

If you feel like God is speaking a call to international service into your life, we’d love to hear from you! Drop us a line!