World of Hope is Live!

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We are really excited to announce this year’s World of Hope. Last year’s World of Hope raised over $60,000 for missions projects around the world. We’re trusting God for big things again this year!

World of Hope is an opportunity to partner directly with EFCCM missionaries all around the world.

**World of Hope is best seen in print!**

While supplies last, we can mail a gift-giving catalogue to you at no expense, if you contact us with a request, and your address!

Click here (or on the image below) to see this year’s impact giving catalogue (~17MB). You can use this to direct your giving to the project, or projects, of your choice.

If you would like to donate to World of Hope online, you can use our donation page. To designate your giving to a specific project, simply input the project code (eg 2-1234AB) in the project comment box, and your money will be designated for that project.

Join us in praying that World of Hope would provide a big encouragement to all of our donors and our missionaries as we partner together in what God is doing around the world.

PS, one Sunday School coordinator has requested that we make a poster that she can display at her church, which we’ve provided here for your benefit as well:

If you have promotional requests that you think would aid your church’s awareness and understanding of World of Hope, please let us know. We’d love to help, if we can!

Mission Manitoba Video

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At this summer’s Conference, we unveiled a short video called Mission Manitoba.

On a personal note, making this particular video was a highlight of my year. As Communications Manager, I (Brad) am often given over to a feeling of humble awe that I get to be involved in this stuff. The plan for this video came together at the last minute.

It covers three unique church ministries in the EFCC’s Central District in Manitoba — one in Winkler, one in Winnipeg and one in Carberry. So much of what I experienced in Manitoba could not be included in this video. This isn’t limited to the passion of the people who are propelling these vital, vibrant ministries forward, although that should not be underestimated. It was also personally feeling the generosity and hospitality of strangers, and the wealth of experience and humility that people shared in conversation with me that offered me a glimmer of just how large and diverse the family of God really is.

I’m sorry that not all of that could fit into this piece. But if this gives you just a taste of my own sense of amazement and wonder at what God is up to in our midst, then I guess that will have to do. :-)

Phil Vischer Podcast


Some of us at Home Office have grown to really appreciate Phil Vischer’s podcast. Phil is the creative mind behind Veggie Tales, which now has a new owner, and Phil is pursuing different creative ideas, like a podcast.

Check out episode 20, below, and you may find you want to catch up with the rest of them!

Highlights from a District Conference

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Please join us in welcoming Wade to the blog. Wade has joined us this summer in a new role, Church Partnership Director, and in that capacity he also serves on the EFCCM’s Director Team. We’re pleased to benefit from his warm, welcoming personality, and his passion for international ministry.


My first district conference representing the mission was a special joint conference. The Prairie District and ANACEFC (Association of North American Chinese Evangelical Free Churches) were wonderfully hosted by the South Calgary Chinese Evangelical Free Church (SCCEFC). There are a number of things that make a great conference experience.  They are the things you remember after you get home.

Let me share briefly 3 things that made this conference a memorable experience for me – and not in order of importance.

First, we ate great food. And for some reason good food seems to result in good fellowship. I don’t have room to tell you about the wonderful buffet with its delicious salads, curry chicken and prime rib or the great lunch meals, but the dish I remember was the traditional Cantonese village meal.

8 courses, which included beef, pork, chicken, duck, fish and a variety of vegetables had all been cooked separately and then piled one on top of the other in a large bowl and topped off with a ring of shrimp (see picture). And yes, our table failed to meet the challenge as we ate less than one half of the bowl. It was a great cross-cultural experience.

Second, the speakers shared relevant Gospel messages.  Long time EFC pastor, David Acree spoke of the “people hinges” in our lives. These are the people who have had a significant impact in our lives by what they have said to us, or shown us by how they have lived. And there are many people that have touched my life in this way, but 3 men came to mind immediately, a pastor and 2 missionaries. When I stopped to reflect on who I have become and where I am today, I realize how God used these men in significant ways to motivate and encourage me to live for and serve Him.

Finally, there were several encouraging church planting reports.  Stories of hard work, community involvement, faithful ministry and personal salvation all revealed the goodness of God and the expansion of His kingdom. I could not help but be reminded of the Apostle Paul’s letter to the Corinthians, (1Cor.9:19-23) where he writes, “….I have become all things to all people, that by all means I might save some”. And we heard that our Lord Jesus is still in the business of saving some and changing lives!

What a privilege it was to be one of the representatives from the EFCCM and to be able to spend time with these great folks. Daryl Porter, Mel Sayer and I all made short presentations to the conference floor.  In addition, we all had numerous opportunities to talk with Pastors and delegates about their mission – the EFCCM.

The Latest Pulse

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After several delays, we are finally to present this edition of the Pulse!

This one has the theme Resurrecting Tradition.

You can read it all by clicking here!

You may take the following statement as an endorsement:
Some of our staff reported that it was tough to proof this one, because they got carried away reading the content!

I want to mention that we are returning to print for the next version of the Pulse. (We’ve started working on the process for this one.) If you would like to subscribe, please alert us of your intentions, by sending us an e-mail.

We’ll need at least your name and mailing address.

We are still putting final details together for this, but we’re looking at a cost of $25/year.