What is a Church Planting Missionary?


Here is another post by Charlie Worley, the EFCC’s Church Planting Catalyst.


In the EFCC, we value the growth of our churches across Canada through church planting. And, because of our values, we love, appreciate and pray for our church planters.

Our church planters are on the front lines of ministry, especially evangelism and disciple-making. So, what do they actually do and what can you and your church do for them?

A church planting missionary is usually someone with their family who has been called by God and the Church to multiply churches and reach new people and people groups by planting churches. Church planting missionaries (CPMs) are sent on a mission from God to expand His Kingdom and preach the gospel of Christ. They can be sent by God as was the Apostle Paul, sent by a church or group of churches, sent by a district to a new area, or in a few cases sent by the EFCC as National Missionaries. Sometimes that means sending them across the street or starting a new church in another room in your building. Sometimes that means sending them from Vancouver to the East Coast of Canada. Using assessments, partnerships and church planting support systems, the EFCC seeks to work in church planting as a “family” of churches who truly value church planting and church planters.

EFCC National Church Planting Missionaries, like their counterparts who serve outside of Canada, help start new churches using a variety of models and ministries. They may focus on starting new churches using a pioneer method where there are no known followers of Jesus who can help. Evangelism and disciple-making are of primary importance. That’s one end of a spectrum of models. On the other end is a new church that begins as a satellite or campus model of an existing church. But, any model and method of church planting requires “faith that moves mountains” which originates in the heart of God and in prayer – much prayer.

It takes all kinds of new churches to reach all kinds of people. More than anyone else, our church planters know this and go after those “lost sheep.” They make disciples of Jesus Christ and do so with a mission-driven heart for God and the lost. We who know Jesus and serve in churches that have been around for a while have a lot to learn from our church planters.

Let’s begin by loving them and praying for them. Practical love means sacrificial giving, sharing words of encouragement and ministries that help new churches get started. Is your church an active partner with one or more church planters and church planting projects?

Every church can pray. That means interceding for church planting missionaries weekly, by name and in worship, fellowship and Bible study settings. Treat our EFCC church planters as missionaries. Ask God to open doors for the ministry of the gospel and the Word. They are, after all, your missionaries who also serve your church in accomplishing the Great Commission of Jesus.

For more information or a list of our current district and national church planting missionaries, contact me at charlieworley@gmail.com, or check out more church planting stories and information by clicking here.