Free-Wheeling in Winnipeg

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Grace Point is an EFCC church plant in the inner-city part of Winnipeg, Manitoba. It enjoys a strong partnership with Winnipeg EFC. If you have a story of how your church is taking steps to reach the practical needs of your community, we want to hear from you!

There is no telling what your good ideas and encouragement could spark!


winnipegbikedriveThe following story is from Trevor Berg, church planter and pastor at Grace Point.

One of the members of Grace Point used to get some bikes from the local garbage dump, then, with his grandson, take the good parts from one and put them on another to make a good bike. When he started coming to Grace Point he saw many people in the community who used bicycles as their main mode of transportation (adults and children).

The problem was that some people couldn’t afford this basic form of transportation, others had their bicycle stolen. This hampered their ability to go job hunting, to pick up groceries, or to do any running around without giving up a large portion of their day to walking. He started bringing the bicycles he fixed up, to give away to people in the community.

Over the last few years the ministry has grown, and last summer we gave away about 65 bikes. We also were able to teach many people how to fix their own, or to provide parts for their bikes that were in disrepair. This winter we were given 200 bicycles that were all in various states of disrepair, we have been storing them in our basement in preparation for giving them away in Spring.


We had a bicycle repair day where we had the opportunity to work together and repair bikes this past Saturday, and had a great time connecting with each other and preparing bikes.

We love to make excuses to connect with (and maybe help out) people in the community. This is one great opportunity to do that, we love that we are in a position to interact with the people God puts us in contact with.

Home Office Sunday 2014

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Home Office Sunday is an invitation to reflect on the role Home Office plays within the EFCC family, and to support us with prayer and finances. In broad strokes, the EFCC Home Office exists to help pastors, missionaries and churches carry out life-changing gospel ministry.

We are encouraging our churches to promote Home Office Sunday during their Sunday morning services.

Officially, we’ve chosen April 6th.

However if a different date would work better in your context, please free to implement it as you see fit.

Click on the image below to download a bulletin insert that will help explain this to your congregation (~3MB pdf).


Below is a promotional clip. If you click through to Vimeo, you can download a copy of this clip for use in a church service, or other venue of your choosing.

On a personal note, all of us at Home Office are incredibly grateful for your sustained generosity that enables us to each live into our calling, our gifting and to be a part of this amazing team together!

(The abstract photo used in this campaign is from SplitShire, a source of free, high-quality photographs. The music in the video is by Chris Zabriskie, available on FMA.)