Update from Mexico



It’s always amazing to think about how many different places Christmas is celebrated, and in how many ways. It’s a complicated moment in the history of the church, as it tried to navigate through the excesses and overreactions on all sides.

Perhaps no reflection on Christmas is more complicated than Greg and Shelli’s, missionaries serving with the EFCCM.

Take a look as they celebrate their 15th Christmas in Mexico!

Church Planting with the EFCC

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As the retiring charlieChurch Planting Catalyst who has served the EFCC in this role for the past five years, it has been my privilege to see God use a relatively small fellowship of churches help plant and launch over 25 new churches serving a variety of people groups, new immigrant groups and places across Canada. Our churches and district associations are taking the Great Commission seriously when it comes to church planting.

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada is discovering that Kingdom expansion through church planting begins by responding to God by taking small steps of faith beginning with prayer (Luke 10:2). It is discovering that people like you and churches like yours can partner together and multiply churches to take the Gospel of Christ to Canada’s streets and neighbourhoods through disciple-making and church planting. The future of church planting is far beyond what we can ever ask or imagine. The question is, will you and your church be part of a movement of church multiplication?

Start your journey of discovery by asking if you believe about church planting what we believe!

  • The EFCC believes that it is the Lord of the harvest that develops and sends church planters into the harvest of people he is preparing across Canada (Luke 10:2).
  • The EFCC believes church planting is the most effective and fruitful means of evangelism and disciple-making this side of heaven.
  • The EFCC has the understanding that Canada desperately needs saturation church planting if every Province and Territory, every people group and population, and every generation and immigrant group will ever be successfully reached with the Gospel message and a local community of believers that worships and serves Jesus.
  • The EFCC believes church planting should be based on making and multiplying disciples of Jesus, and complete discipleship should result in devoted followers of Jesus being sent out to help plant churches.
  • The EFCC believes that not everyone can be a lead church planter, so we actively pray, look for and assess those who are qualified to be part of our growing team of church planters.
  • The EFCC knows that you can’t plant a church alone, so we build systems of support around each planter and planting team including assessment, training and coaching.
  • The EFCC sponsors one or two annual, world-class Church Planting Boot Camps that help equip church planters and church planting teams with the latest and best skills, best practices, best resources and networks to get healthy new churches launched and growing.
  • The EFCC, as an association of self-governing, evangelical churches, is a great family to join. We hold to sound, evangelical doctrine and an emphasis on unity in the essentials, charity in the non-essentials, and Jesus Christ in all things.
  • The EFCC will allow you and your church planting model to be unique to how God is leading you and to whom God is leading you in launching a new church.
  • The EFCC believes that we don’t just want to add new churches, we want to multiply new churches that plant more churches that plant more churches. We don’t want a program to start new churches; we want to launch a movement of exponential church multiplication across Canada and to the ends of the earth.

If this is looks and feels like you, why not take the first step of faith and explore with us how you can become a church planter with the Evangelical Free Church of Canada?