Pray Anyway

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I didn’t feel like praying this week.

Is it safe for me to admit that? I mean I’m the Prayer and Spiritual Life Catalyst for the EFCC and also serve on the staff of the largest Free Church in Canada. I hope my two earthly bosses don’t read this; they might be less forgiving of my lapse than my heavenly “boss.”

I’ve got excuses of course. I came back from four days away from the office to a “to-do” list that I had little time for. On top of the normal I had to prepare to preach to my “Traditions” congregation and then three of my “flock” died and I had to conduct their funerals. I was drained in every conceivable way.

I did pray, by the way, even though I didn’t feel like doing it; not masterpieces to share with others but more like squawks of desperation and cries for help. Those prayers weren’t deep experiences of fellowship with God, but God heard and calmed my anguished spirit and enabled me to serve. God’s not looking for masterpieces just honest and vulnerable conversation.

“In the same way, the Spirit helps us in our weakness. We do not know what we ought to pray for, but the Spirit himself intercedes for us through wordless groans.” (Romans 8:26, NIV, 2011) Good to know!

Sometimes you don’t feel like praying. That’s OK! Pray anyway!

MEMO Honoured By Canadian Governor General, Canadian Red Cross

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davep_smIt is always exciting when good things happen in the life of one member of a family. Everyone rejoices with them. Every now and then something GREAT happens, and we all need to celebrate together. This letter is an invitation for you to celebrate with the family.

Dr. Jerome and Maureen Harvey have given relentless leadership to MEMO for many years.  Over 50 containers of medical supplies have been sent to Cuba, El Salvador and Liberia.  Thousands of volunteer hours in Thunder Bay have made this possible.  But it has been the passion and vision of Dr. Harvey that has been the force behind this effort.

In a ceremony in Thunder Bay on March 29th, Dr. Jerome Harvey was honored to receive the Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award for his commitment, vision and hard work.

(Click this link to read more about the award.)

“The Governor General’s Caring Canadian Award recognizes individuals who volunteer their time to help others and to build a smarter and more caring nation. The award also highlights the fine example set by these volunteers, whose compassion and engagement are so much a part of our Canadian character. It allows us to thank them for their contributions and for the positive impact they have had on the lives of others.”

MEMO will also be honoured by the Canadian Red Cross when Dr. Harvey receives the “Power of Humanity” award on May 5th. This award recognizes MEMO’s “relentless and selfless humanitarian efforts within the Thunder Bay community and beyond.”

Dr. Harvey shared this anecdote in a recent email:

When the GG’s secretary phoned me to inform me of the award, she congratulated me. I said,”Don’t send congratulations, send money!” Her very serious response was, “Oh I am sorry sir, we cannot do that.” When I pointed out I was just teasing she finally laughed.

His heartfelt desire is that in receiving this reward there will be increased awareness and support for MEMO and all it continues to accomplish. We all can join with the Harveys and the entire MEMO team in thanking God for the opportunity to share God’s love in such a practical way. May the Glory go to Him!

With gratitude,

Dave Penner (EFCCM Director)

EFCC Sunday 2016

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EFCC Sunday is an invitation to your congregation consider the broader family you are a part of. This year, we’re featuring LeadBeyond.

We have provided an EFCC Sunday video to give a brief summary of what LeadBeyond is all about.

EFCC Sunday Video

You can view or download the video from Vimeo — just click through on the Vimeo link in the player above, and look for the download button under the video.

EFCC Sunday Half-page Description!

This is the way to get the EFCC Sunday information out to your people. You can either print these out, or distribute them by e-mail.

3 Giving Options!

There is a fundraising component to this. We need help specifically to raise money to provide the resources and materials

Option 1:
Your church can collect the money, and submit one combined cheque.

Option 2:
Your church can have a collection and send in all of the individual donations. (Cheques can be made out to “EFCC”.)

Option 3:
You can direct people to give on their own. (You can tell them to visit