2021 Theology Conference


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May 13-14, 2021


Wherever you are! (online)


Dr Michael Wittmer

Profession of Systematic and Historical Theology



Plenary Speaker

The plenary speaker for Shadows of Tomorrow is author and professor Dr Michael Wittmer.

Michael is the Professor of Systematic and Historical Theology at Grand Rapids Theological Seminary. Michael will be guiding us in thinking through a theological framework of God’s good creation, the fall, and the redemption of all things. This will lead to session on heaven, hell, and dealing with grief and dying.

This year, we’re offering registration at half price of other years — the low price of $50/registrant.

You can participate wherever you are (provided there’s internet access).


May 13 A Theological Framework Of God’s Good Creation, the Fall, and the Redemption of All Things

Session 1, 8:30am: A Theological Framework – Part 1
Session 2, 10:20am: A Theological Framework – Part 2
Session 3, 12:15pm: A Theological Framework – Part 3

May 14Pastoral Issues Emerging from this Eschatological Framework

Session 1, 8:30am: Presenting a Biblical Theology of Heaven
Session 2, 10:20am: Living with a Biblical Theology of Hell
Session 3, 12:15pm:  Offering Hope in the Middle of Grief

Note: Each session will be followed by a Q&A period. All times listed are Pacific Daylight.

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EFCC Annual General Meeting: May 15, 2021