EFCC Home Office consists of national, international and prayer ministries.  We provide services, resources, and ministries to our local churches, pastors and district superintendents and their district as well as the national fellowship. We do this because we are mandated to assist in the accomplishment of our Free Church mission of growing healthy churches across Canada and around the world.

Specific Services and Initiatives Offered by the Home Office to Local Churches and Districts include:

• Pastoral Benefit Insurance – We maintain a program with an insurer to provide group coverage to pastors.

• Publications and Communications – From our office comes the quarterly Pulse magazine, a Pastors E-Link, a Worship Leaders E-Link, a Youth Workers E-Link, Prayer Briefings, Mission Matters, Missions periodic News and Updates, Freestyle bulletin insert, and the Partners with the President Newsletter.

• Credentialing – We maintain the files for candidates and ordinands in the credentialing process.

• Pastoral Orientation – in conjunction with superintendents, we provide orientation to Free Church pastors on EFCC history, theology, policy and polity.

• Missionary Candidate Processing and Orientation – Not only is information provided for international ministry options but personalized counsel and direction are offered.

• Short Term Mission Trips  – We facilitate these experiences that broaden life experience, help a person discern God’s call, and minister to people in the country that is visited.

• Administration of Mission Services – We supply, equip and supervise a variety of efforts to help the local church to develop its missions program, as well as to care for the missionary personnel that have been commissioned around the world.

• Develop New Leaders – In casual and personal meetings, we encourage those upon whom God is placing his hand for ministry in Canada and abroad.

• Connection to our University (TWU) and Seminary (TWS/ACTS) – By being involved at the Board and committee level we can provide accountability for these institutions as well as to supply relationship and feedback.

• Pastoral Placement – We work with district superintendents to process pastoral candidates, as well give advice to congregations seeking pastors, to provide the right fit to the right congregation.

• Representing and Safeguarding Our Beliefs and Standards – We serve churches with a Ministerial Standing Committee that examines candidates for licensing and ordination, as well as articulating the beliefs of the EFCC. Our office represents to the government and society our positions with respect to specific moral and societal issues.

• Promote an Environment for Church Planting – In cooperation with District Superintendents we foster an atmosphere that understands the value and the methods for beginning new congregations.

• Support and Encouragement  – We communicate with and visit churches and pastors to encourage them in ministry.

• Monitor and Report on Legal and Financial Issues to Churches – We are able to provide some assistance from the Office and we broker such requests to other agencies such as the Canadian Council of Christian Charities.

• Biennial National Conference – We provide within a conference format an appealing opportunity to effect EFCC business, to engage our spirits and to augment personal and church ministry competence through practical training sessions.