It was as a result of revival movements among Norwegian immigrants in 1911 that the Evangelical Free Church of Canada came into being. These revivals resulted in the establishment of a short-lived congregation in Winnipeg in 1913. In June of 1917 at Enchant, Alberta, a congregation was organized which continues to this day. This church is regarded as the official origin of the EFCC. As a result of a revival movement in Enchant, members of the Fosmark family were converted. The Fosmark family, particularly brothers Carl and Lee, gave noteworthy leadership to the development of the EFCC. In 1993, in recognition of and appreciation for their vision and contribution, the building that now houses our Free Church seminary, Trinity Western Seminary, as well as the Home Office for National and International Ministries of the EFCC was named the Fosmark Centre.

Churches continued to be planted. The first Evangelical Free Church in British Columbia was organized in 1938. In 1957 the Fellowship of Gospel Churches merged with the Evangelical Free Church, bringing the number of organized churches in Canada to 56. In 2005, Evangelical Free Churches in Canada extending from the province of Quebec to the Pacific Coast number approximately 140.

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada was incorporated under a federal charter in 1967, and continued in affiliation with the EFCA in the United States until 1984 when the EFCC became autonomous. Rev. Don Kroening served as its first president and contributed much to the organization of the EFCC. Rev. Ron Swanson succeeded him and brought a strong passion for outreach and evangelism. In 1993, Dr. Rick Penner was elected as the third president of the EFCC and his ministry concluded early in 2001. In July 2002, Dr. Ron Unruh became the fourth president.  He retired in July 2008 and was succeeded by Bill Taylor.  Following Bill’s election, by his choice and with the approval of the Conference, his title was changed to Executive Director.  This title more accurately reflects the structure and ethos of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada.