The Evangelical Free Church of Canada is a denomination committed to the local church. It is our conviction that the ideal context for producing personal life change in fulfilment of the Great Commandment (Matthew 22:37-39) and the Great Commission (Matthew 28:18-20) is the local church of which Jesus Christ is the Head.

We also believe that a voluntary, interdependent, network of churches enables us to fulfill the mandate of the Church more effectively. Districts in the EFCC connect Evangelical Free Churches by province or geographical region. A district superintendent and district board provide services in each district in ministries such as pastoral care and placement, credentialing of ministers, church consultation and the strategic establishment of new churches. The names of the District Superintendents are available by contacting the Home Office of the Evangelical Free Church of Canada or by clicking here.

Just as the local church, so too each district operates autonomously. Delegates selected from the churches in a district meet in conference to elect officers and to transact the business of the district. Issues pertaining to district finances and the setting of budgets are dealt with at these district conferences.

The Evangelical Free Church of Canada links churches together nationally as well. The EFCC seeks to provide a national, international and prayer vision and direction to the work of the denomination. EFCC Home Office seek to serve by providing the highest standard of quality assurance in matters such as pastoral training and credentialing. The Home Office also administers important support ministries such as health insurance, life insurance and long-term disability provisions for EFCC pastors, missionaries and employees. Through EFCC publications, communication and conferences, the EFCC is committed to providing a sense of identity and cohesion for the Evangelical Free Churches of Canada.

At all levels, there is a solemn commitment to safeguard the spiritual and theological heritage of the EFCC.