Alberta Parkland District (APD) extends from just above Calgary to the northern border of Alberta. APD contains roughly 31 churches.

Don Harder, District Superintendent

Don served as a pastor for twenty-three years in various Baptist churches throughout the prairies, and began ministry with the EFCC in 2000. He served as pastor of Clareview EFC in Edmonton for seven years and then was asked to become the district superintendent in 2008. The Alberta Parkland District which he serves covers central and northern Alberta. Don gives oversight to 32 churches and seeks to be a resource to approximately 45 pastors.

Don and his wife Shirley have one son and one daughter, and one son-in-law. Their family are a source of great joy and strength. Many years ago Don wrote in his life mission statement his desire to “move churches, church leaders and potential leaders to understand God’s ways so they are effective in ministry.” This role is a wonderful avenue to bring that to completion.

District Contact Info:
Mail Address:
P.O. Box 50004
Clareview R.P. O.
Edmonton, Alberta
T5Y 2M9
Phone: (780) 619-4089

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