The EFCC Prairie District covers southern Alberta and all of Saskatchewan. There are presently 38 Churches throughout the district ranging in size from under 50 to over 1,000.

Rob Cave, District Superintendent

robcRob began pastoring in the EFCC in 1997. He has served three EFCC Churches, in three different Districts. In October of 2015 he began serving as Superintendent of the Prairie District.

Rob and his wife Cherise have three boys (22, 20 and 18) and are enjoying seeing how God is guiding and directing them into new and exciting opportunities. Rob believes that the EFCC brings a unique and critically important perspective to the landscape of Christian belief and practice in North America. “The Free Church movement provides the perfect soil for the grace and truth of Jesus to be lived out in an imperfect and interdependent community of faith.”

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28 Westland Road
T1S 1T2


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