A Brief Glance at LeadBeyond

Dan Nicholson

LeadBeyond is the EFCC initiative that addresses the “Growing Leaders” component of the Growing 3.  Our stated goal is creating a culture which identifies, affirms and develops leaders in their roles. The diversity of church size and the spread out nature of our districts makes it even more important that we know the needs within our culture of churches and leaders.

God continues to dream His dreams in the minds of His people and those dreams for the Evangelical Free Church of Canada focus on GROWTH!

  • Growing Family
  • Growing Leaders
  • Growing Churches

Introducing a Culture of Coaching

It has become apparent that a Culture of Coaching among us needs affirmation and further development. It confirms a belief that nobody has all the answers. Yet through inquiring together we can arrive at better responses to new challenges than by thinking through them alone. This culture assumes that every new challenge is an opportunity for new learning, and problems are addressed through engaged relationships.

At the very source of such a culture are people who are both committed to their own lifelong learning and development, and who believe that other people’s life experience and training can speak into their personal and leadership challenges.  There is a belief that together we can create ways forward better than any of us can do by ourselves.

We are surveying our pastors and missionaries to inventory the needs and resources among us.

Importance of Leadership

Leadership in the kingdom of God has a dual focus:

  • It recognizes and addresses the felt-needs of those being led
  • It moves people to God’s preferred future

Samuel Chand said that culture—not vision or strategy—is the most powerful factor in any organization. Church boards must encourage the development of trust and respect at all levels. Church Board Health is a priority for LeadBeyond and we provide resources to our member churches.

Is This Your Next Step?

The biggest gift leaders can give to their followers is authentic self-awareness — a conscious knowledge of one’s own character, strengths and areas of vulnerability. Our Leadership Catalyst is trained in and offering detailed and profoundly useful Birkman assessments to assist leaders in knowing their strengths and how they fit on a leadership team.

If you’re interested in engaging in this assessment, or would just like to know more, contact us today!