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Prayer Calendar: To Err is Human

Temptation! Have you ever faced it? Of course! Temptation is a universal human experience. It is almost as human as breathing or eating. We have all faced it. We have all yielded to it somewhere along the way. Having said that, the words “Lead us not into temptation” ought to strike us as somewhat odd. […]

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Prayer Calendar: Warrior Kings Need Humble Bread

Warrior Kings Need Humble Bread As we continue our journey through the “Lord’s Prayer,” we get to the phrase, “give us this day our daily bread.” It’s a simple request. Straightforward. A petition to God for daily sustenance. There is no greed here, only dependence. No desire for a banquet, only bread enough for the […]

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Prayer Calendar: Bombs Away

As I write this, a street in my neighbourhood is closed. The bomb squad is investigating. A university in the area also has all five campuses shut because of a bomb scare. You probably think I should move. Bombs are destructive. They do incredible damage. What if that was not always the case? Imagine a […]

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Prayer Calendar: Long Live the King

Scar menacingly growls out “Long Live the King!” as he hurls Mufasa to his death. This scene from the old movie, Lion King, uses half of a historic phrase. The full line is “The King is Dead, Long Live the King.” This contradictory sounding statement marked the death of one monarch and the ascension of […]

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Prayer Calendar: The Name Game

  Recently in Alabama, President Trump scrawled giant autographs across the covers of Bibles. Shocking? Hardly! Sad? Yes! However, whatever sadness I feel does not come from the actions of the President, as much as it comes from the possibility of God’s people putting their adoration and maybe even their trust in a name other […]