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Setback in Japan

This update comes from Dale and Ann in Japan. This concerns their ESL teaching efforts in the country. “The Tomioka community center shut down our classes in February 2007. We had made it clear in all our advertisements that we were connected with a Christian church and that we therefore have a ten minute Bible […]

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A Challenging Thought

As a communications person, I wonder about all the influences that are exerted on us nowadays. My responsibility is to generate your awareness, excitement and (hopefully) involvement in missions somehow. But there are people like me (often entire departments of them) that are competing with me to try and get you to think about something […]


A Note From Morning Star Church

This is a story that comes from Morning Star Church in Dnepro, Ukraine. A young woman in the congregation was recently exposed to a lot of variety. She was hired recently as a translator for a foreign woman who’s been visiting a bunch of churches, under a range of denominations, in a number of places. […]


Peter Philpott Update

Further news is available on Peter’s death. It was caused by a sudden brain condition, either an aneurysm or a stroke (apparently the Russian is difficult to translate), and there were no obvious symptoms leading up to it. The funeral will be held in Russia, and a memorial service will be held at St. Paul’s […]

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The Reality of Hell

These days, Christians put a lot of emphasis on the benefits and blessings of salvation, and very little about what they are actually saved from. I was reminded of that by Larry, who is currently working with us in Thailand. There is a lot of misery that has been brought to us by what he […]