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Pulse Podcast 021: Priesthood of all Believers

We’ve often heard, and often said the term “priesthood of all believers,” but have we stopped to contemplate what it means? What kind of an audit could we give ourselves for this? And how well would we do on it? Join us as we give some fresh thought to this subject for the EFCC family. […]

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The Pulse: Reaching Beyond our Borders

As a young college student, with a heart to share the Gospel and make a difference in the world, I believed I was “called” to serve the Lord as a missionary. For me, that meant leaving the country and culture I was used to, learning a different language, and going to some unreached corner of […]

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Prayer Calendar: Getting Past Salt and Pepper Prayers

The other day I was talking with my friend Ron Swanson regarding the way most of us North American Christians pray. He used a phrase that I just can’t get out of my head. He said we often treat prayer like salt and pepper – an add-on, a little seasoning on top of the meal […]

Prayer Calendar: The Spark for Mission

I’m old enough to remember the campfire tune, “It only takes a spark, to get a fire going.” It’s fun to envision Smokey the Bear singing it as a fire prevention jingle. Seriously, a spark could be a good metaphor for prayer and mission. Sparks are initial impulses. A spark in an engine eventually moves […]

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Pulse Podcast 020: The Supreme Court’s Ruling on TWU’s Law School

We’re not really a current events podcast, but we thought this was of sufficient importance and interest to engage with it. The Supreme Court’s decision on TWU’s Law School has implications for the church and for religious education institutions in Canada. We’re just not sure what they are specifically. If you’d like to reach out […]