BuzZ Online 02 Nov 2008

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After far too long a pause, the EFCCM’s podcast returns!

In Canada, the term Mennonite is most often used to describe clearly Christian denominations. But for those in the secluded colonies of Bolivia, the connection between “Mennonite” and “Christian” is tenuous at best. The colonies’ repressed existence has birthed many significant problems. Strict leadership holds people in superstitious fear, glued to tradition. And the extremely narrow view of morality confines people to such narrow choices that rebellion is inevitable.

For some, a belief in Christ is their rebellion of choice — and it’s sad to hear of the pain that awaits those who choose faith. For others it’s shocking behaviour, including sexual immorality and substance abuse. These are the specific areas that Rudy and Erna want to address.

I caught them toward the end of their Home Assignment (they’re set to return to Bolivia in January), and was fortunate to share this share a few moments over the phone. (And now that I’ve figured out how, I can record a podcast with anyone who has a phone!) Radio ministry has caught the ears of the Mennonites, and many of them listen in secret. They are hearing of a better way to live, and have experienced the first tastes of what faith in Christ means. They’re eager for more. But radio can only take them so far. Rudy and Erna are working to provide a place that welcomes Mennonites, and which will provide both fellowship and discipleship.

If you would like to support Rudy and Erna in their ministry, you can drop them a line here, and look for their project in this year’s A World of Hope project list.