BuzZ Online 14 Nov 2008

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It’s a pleasure to welcome Larry and Diane to the EFCCM’s studio. (Which is really just an office with some audio equipment thrown in. But doesn’t “studio” sound better?) They have served in Thailand for a number of years, and in this edition they share about the ministries they are involved in, and their future directions.

In this podcast, Larry mentions animism. If you’re not familiar with the term, it’s the belief that spirits — particularly the spirits of ancestors — have unpredictable influence in daily life. They must be placated by performing certain rites, or consulting witch doctors. (An internet search will provide more info.) When Larry says that people are told to kill their animals, recognise that an animal may be the only livelihood for a whole family. It’s a steep price!

There are a few references in here to a World of Hope. It’s inspiring to me how it’s catching on! (The new one should be in the mail by the end of today!) Larry shares an update about last year’s Thailand project, and offers some new ones for this year. If you want to see the projects highlighted for a World of Hope ’08, please take a look at this pdf, and look for Asia.

There are people that are getting involved in a number of ways, from giving to going. If you’re keen on going to help, you can e-mail Rich, our Personnel Director. And if you’re interested in partnering directly with Larry and Diane as they follow God’s call, you can e-mail them by clicking here.