BuzZ Online Episode 1 (Fixed)


As promised, here is the debut of the EFCCM’s podcast called the BuzZ Online. Click the graphic above to listen to the audio. It should open up automatically in your media player.

Show Notes

  • In this first episode, I talk to Craig (The EFCCM’s Mobilization Director) about some of the big picture stuff behind the EFCCM, including its history, and where we see God leading us.
  • MEMO’s main website can be found here.

As mentioned, the next two episodes are nearly finished too, so make sure you check back soon for more!

Edit: Warning, technical jargon ahead: If you don’t know what this means, just ignore it. :-)
I have now added an xml file for the podcast. If you would like to add it to your own podcast aggregator, you can use this:

It will also soon be appearing on iTunes, if that’s what you use. I will offer more details as they become available.

Bonus announcement: I have added the second episode to the server already. If you subscribe, you’ll be the first on your block to get it! :-)

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  1. EFCCM
    EFCCM says:

    Thanks Simonas, it should be fixed now. It took me a while to figure out what was going on — it seems that somewhere along the line a server simply choked on the “#” symbol that I put in the file name.

    Oh well, thanks for pointing this out, and now that it’s really working I hope you enjoy it. :-)

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