Bill TaylorGreetings Pastors! I trust that you are finding some time to refresh in the Lord this summer. I am excited at what God is doing among us.  A couple projects have made my summer busier than normal. First, we continue to investigate the feasibility of building a Home Office addition to the Fosmark Centre building here on TWU campus. This fall we will see if we have enough donor support to go public with the project – so stay tuned for further details! Additionally, in response to lay leaders reaching out to us, we are launching a new initiative focused on helping laity live out their faith and calling in this rapidly changing world: Lay Leader Training!

The training is designed to help followers of Jesus carry out their calling of making disciples, both inside and outside the church. Increasing numbers of laity are asking us how they can share the gospel more effectively in this changing culture. They also wish to be further equipped and affirmed for ministry in the church. We are answering that call and will be providing a series of modules with in-class sessions on a variety of key topics. They are as follows:

Module #1
1. EFCC History & Ethos
2. Canada’s Changing Culture 

3. How to Share the Gospel       
4. How to Make a Disciple

Module #2
1. EFCC Theology
2. Spiritual Formation 

3. Christian Leadership       
4. Mentoring/Coaching

In addition, we will offer an optional Module #3. This is an opportunity for a pastor to help lay leaders (selected by your church) to complete the requirements that lead to an EFCC Ministry Credential.

A key feature of the training will be the opportunity for participants to learn to mentor and coach others to be disciples and disciple-makers. We will also network participants with other lay leaders for support and continued learning.

For those of you in the BC Lower Mainland, our very FIRST Lay Leader Training is taking place soon! And near you!

Location……………………Fosmark Centre at Trinity Western University, in Langley BC
When………………………..Friday evening and all day Saturday, September 20-21, 2019
What…………………………Module #1
Cost………………………….$50/person (includes food & beverages for breaks, and lunch on Saturday)
Bill Taylor, Dave Penner, and Neil Bassingthwaighte from EFCC Home Office

Deadline for Registrations is SEPTEMBER 13. There are a limited number of seats so register early!

Register Here

PS: If those of you in the Lower Mainland would like posters or bulletin inserts for this first event, please contact EFCC Home Office and we will send those out to you.

For our friends outside the Lower Mainland, feel free to contact me at or 604-513-2183 if you have further questions, or if you would like to host training in your area.

Thanks for your continued partnership in the gospel!
Serving with you,


We have been working hard to try to figure out how this pertains to us as an organisation, and by extension, each of our churches. The only thing we can tell you for sure is that, well, we don’t know for sure. There are lots of organisations that are interpreting this in lots of different ways – in our estimation, from underplaying it to going overboard.

One things we do know is that non-profits are not the primary targets of this. This is designed to give the authorities teeth to go after the larger spam offenders. There will be due process and deliberation as cases are brought to authorities on these matters. However, the reality is that these laws are going into effect, and we are subject to them.

What we all need to be doing is keeping records which show that people have opted-in to our communication. The process where people sign up to Pulse records a date stamp for us, which demonstrates that a reader initiated contact. At this stage, these laws only affect commercial messages. But the definition of a commercial message is broad: it can include any information about an event, service or product that costs money (this is a grey zone).
Curiously, Messages with the express purpose of fundraising have been exempt from this law given that most non-profits would suffer heavily if restricted.

For people who have a relationship with us, we have implied consent to send them messages. This lasts for 2yrs, during which we need to work to migrate our people and our systems to express consent. It means that we need to build consent into the ways that we’re asking for e-mail addresses, whether on contact cards, or online e-mail sign-up pages.

To create effective e-mail protocols, we need:
• To go from implied consent to express consent.
• To quickly identify the sender of each message, and what its purpose is.
• Provide an unsubscribe mechanism for mailing-list type services.

If you’d like to dialogue about this, comments are open, and we can process it together there.

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Feeling Called to the Country?
Small Town Flock Needs a Shepherd!

Pastoral position opening in Dorion, ON

We are looking for someone who is eager to strengthen Church Fellowship, Christian Education, Family,
Youth and Adult ministries; who is interested in Member visitation, worship through singing and music;
who has Bible knowledge and knows Christian doctrine to help members lead obedient, victorious
lifestyles, and allow them to develop their own personal ministry skills.

Find out all the details by clicking here.

Begin the application process by clicking here.

**Closing date for all applications is June 30, 2011**