The level of disruption the earthquake in Nepal has caused is both horrible and sad.

Our partner humanitarian organisation, World Relief Canada, has already begun mobilising to intervene with emergency relief operations and supplies.

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We invite you to direct your giving to this worthy organisation, assisting its personnel to ministry grace and comfort to the survivors of the devastation.

We also request you to pray for the country as its continues its rescue and salvage operation, and contemplates the massive tasks of clean-up and rebuilding.


In November 2014 the Onagawa Megumi Project opened an online store. Their unique products can be purchased online from Canada or the USA, and made great Christmas presents—especially for ladies. And all proceeds go toward helping rebuild the lives of some people in Onagawa.

The Onagawa Megumi Project is an income generating social enterprise that transforms vintage kimonos into beautiful products. The Megumi Project shares the love of Jesus Christ in a tangible way in the town of Onagawa, Miyagi-ken that was devastated by tsunami generated by the 9.0 magnitude earthquake on March 11, 2011.

The Project is a ReachGlobal and EFC of Germany initiative that the EFC of Canada Mission (EFCCM) is partnering with. The Project received over $30,000 from the EFCCM disaster fund for the construction of their working trailer where they make all their crafts.

The EFCCM church planting ministry at Tokyo Multicultural Church (TMC), led by Dale and Ann Little, is closely connected with the Onagawa Megumi Project. Throughout 2014 TMC ladies have prepared kimono fabric for the Project by seam ripping many donated kimonos so the ladies in Onagawa do not have to do that time consuming work.

Several times in 2014 Dale and Ann delivered the prepared kimono fabric to Onagawa, and offered encouragement to the missionaries and workers there. They will continue to do this in 2015.

This update comes from Larry and Diane who serve in Thailand (Asia). This project will be featured in this year’s World of Hope.

We have now purchased some land near our present ‘Home of Joy’ home, so that we will be able to have bigger facilities for more youth, as well as to have gardens, and maybe some chickens and pigs too! These ‘Karen’ are farmers, so we don’t want the girls to lose their heritage! They get up at 5 in the morning on school days. They have devotions in the morning and worship every evening. This is quite normal for most Karen that I know of – it seems the Lord is starting a revival in Thailand with the Karen, and other tribal peoples. I am not the only one who has said this either.

We have a vision to have a house or two for teenage girls with a large meeting room for training disciples, as well as a home church.

To start preparing the land and build in stages. We hope we can building by November, if anyone is interested to join, and that the “Home of Joy” team can move in by April 2015, or sooner!

We will build in stages as follows:
Stage 1: Prepare the land, electricity, water. Cost $4000.
Stage 2: Build the roof, floor and one bathroom: Cost $6,000.
Stage 3: Build the outer structure and a few rooms to be used as a meeting place. Cost $8,000.
Total Cost: $18,000

However, to become fully liveable, we pray the Lord will provide above and beyond with churches to join us in partnership!

We have purchased the land already and it has been sub-divided on May 26, 2014! The photo above shows the garden area. There is room for a few houses as well. We also plan to live near to the youth home to help take care of it. Pray that this first stage will be built soon so we can begin outreach in this community.

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We received this news from Mel, the EFCCM’s Asia Area Director from a pastor in the Philippines. At this time we have reached out to Jason and Andrea, who are serving with us in the country, but have not heard back from them personally. Initial reports are that they have not been directly affected by this earthquake, but of course the whole nation will feel its impact.

At this time we are requesting that you take this as a request to pray. We will provide more tangible ways to help through the EFCCM when those become available.


Dear Friends of the EFCP,

This is an update of the earthquake that struck the provinces of Cebu and Bohol last week.

It was really a very strong earthquake and lasted a very long period – about 30 seconds. We thought that the EFCP building in Cebu City would collapse at that moment. My wife Lina and I are staying at the 3rd floor of the EFCP building; and we were under the table upstairs during the earthquake, anticipating a collapse of the building.

But we are safe and there is no major damage on the building so far. Yet, there are so many aftershocks occurring everyday until now. The other day, I heard something like 1,800 aftershocks since Tuesday. We have no normal activity yet and no normal sleep. We are staying now at the ground floor for easy way out during aftershocks.

There are a lot of damages and casualties in several parts of Cebu City; and much more in Bohol, which is heavily affected. So far, the EFCP constituents in Cebu are generally safe. But our churches and outreaches in Bohol are also affected, according to initial report. There is no detailed information yet from Bohol due to damaged communication lines.

Tomorrow, October 21st, I am going to Bohol to bring relief assistance and to see the extent of damage. We have churches and outreaches in the towns of Maribojoc, Antiquera, Calape, Dagohoy, Luay, Pilar, and in Tagbilaran City.

We will keep you updated. Thank you very much for your prayers.

In Christ,
Pastor Prisco

This short excerpt comes from Melvin, our Asia Area Director.


I had the pleasure of spending several days with Jason and Andrea and their five boys, and can testify that there is rarely a dull moment. Jason’s primary ministry is Middle School Chaplain and Bible Teacher at Faith Academy.

His passion for ministry is contagious and I often think of his enthusiastic statement:

“I can’t believe that I get to do this for a living!”

Since the students of Faith Academy are primarily MKs we might assume that evangelistic opportunities are limited. That’s not the case, as already this year several of Jason’s students have professed Christ as their Saviour for the first time!

Many activities fill their days: language learning, home-schooling, building friendships with locals and other expats as well as the day-to-day challenges faced by living in the Philippines. Pray for this family as they adjust to a new life and ministry.

You can read and interact with Jason and Andrea’s blog by clicking here.